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5G technology is important for consumers as well as businesses as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and explore all that 5G has to offer, including things that have yet to be imagined.

What 5G brings to the table is speed, near zero latency, massive connectivity and innovation. How that manifests will impact individuals, organizations and agencies. Yes, 5G will change our lives in many ways. Here are five of them:

  1. Smart Factories: The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a new industrial revolution. With 5G technology, manufacturing is about to take a quantum leap into robotics and an overall new blueprint into how things will be made.
  2. Supply Chain Management: The entire supply chain is expected to benefit from 5G and its ability to connect and communicate among a widely disparate group of connected things. In this new era of digital transformation, expect greater efficiencies, exceptional quality and greater transparency for global customers.
  3. Self-Driving Vehicles: Because of 5G’s speed and ability to compute in real time, it will be able to connect buildings, people, street lights and vehicles. That could result in the creation of better, smarter, safer vehicles that can instantly re-route, estimate arrival times, avoid accidents and keep our streets safe.
  4. Augmented Reality: Along with the business community, the gaming industry is also exploring the benefits and possibilities 5G architecture will bring. Because of 5G’s speed and near zero latency, expect the lines between real and artificial experience to blur even further in the realm of augmented reality. Truly immersive real-time gaming is also almost here without the glitches and lags that negatively impact eSports and online games.
  5. Robotic Surgery at a Distance: 5G allows physicians to take remote robotic surgery on the road to perform surgeries from hundreds of miles away without unexpected glitches during medical procedures. This could revolutionize healthcare for people living in more remote areas of our country and world.

Currently, 3GPP is defining standards for 5G, standards that serve as a launching point for shaping our world.

Want to know more? Don’t let 5G slide in your organization. Make sure your company or agency is moving forward with groundbreaking 5G technology. Tonex is your 5G training specialists offering over two dozen courses, such as:

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Now is the time to put 5G to work for your organization.

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