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For the oil and gas sector, there’s a critical transformation taking place that is defining the future of all organizations connected to the oil and gas industry.

The value of understanding this transformation and all its implications is essential for oil and gas related companies.

Around the world there is a shift from policies that have supported oil and gas production to policies that instead are starting to disincentivize fossil fuels, including carbon pricing and the European Union’s Emission Trading Scheme.

In addition to disincentives, many governments are encouraging the use of substitute technology and fuel, especially renewable energy. 

In other words, the oil and gas industry faces opposition from a public greatly concerned with the environmental impact of fossil fuels, ever-more skeptical shareholders, and challenges from policymakers seeking to simultaneously meet decarbonization goals and expected oil and gas demand.

Bottom line: Amid a global energy transition, the demand, financial, and social future of oil and gas companies is increasingly in question.

Education is an important key to help oil and gas organizations define and implement plans to succeed during this planetary energy transition.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA, a 5-day workshop that surveys the core curriculum covered in most university-level graduate business programs as well as fundamental leadership and technology courses that are relevant to the oil and gas industry.

Our Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging oil and gas industry. 

Tonex also offers several more Mini-MBA programs:

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