Length: 5 Days
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Mini-MBA in Business Management for Military and Veterans

Mini-MBA in Business Management for Military and Veterans Program by Tonex

Business Management for Military and Veterans Mini-MBA program is an intense 5-day program designed specifically for military and veterans looking for an alternative to a traditional MBA degree program focusing on business theory and the key areas of business, technology and management.

Military and civilians alike need effective communication skills to be proficient at persuading, motivating and informing others. Participants in our Business Management for Military and Veterans Mini-MBA program will investigate the challenges as well as the opportunities of the emerging business environment.

Additionally, this mini-MBA takes a look at the concepts and trends within the evolving technology and business environments that influence Practitioners. This includes defining the roles of stakeholders in the business structure.

Learning these skills are crucial because approaching each unique type of conversation is challenging. This is why it’s important to comprehend your own communications skills. Equally important is recognizing the communications style of others in order to lessen anxiety and increase buy in and input. In other words, learn to:

  • Overcome communication barriers
  • Make a strong first impression
  • Decrease miscommunication
  • Increase productivity of interactions

You will also learn the operation of human resource management in a civilian organization and how this operation compares to a more basic command structure. This includes the study of compensation, expenses, taxation and benefits going from a military to civilian employer. Also learn the process in benchmarking a military skill set against current job postings.

Participants receive insightful background information regarding marketing and sales in order to have a better understanding of these very important business areas. Learn that concepts and ideas are sold internally just as services and products are sold externally.


Military Veterans Will Also Learn

There are many other business management topics that are covered in the Tonex Business Management for Military and Veterans Mini-MBA, such as supply chain management. This is a business integrating process used to create and sustain competitive advantage based on the delivery to customers of expected and value-added services.

Reading and analyzing financial statements is also part of this incisive mini MBA for veterans. Balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements will be thoroughly explored as well as fundamental financial analysis.

Recognizing that uniformed personnel often travel the globe rather than viewing the world from an economic point of view, participants will learn about the Federal Reserve and why it needs to adjust interest rates and how that impacts businesses.

Military veterans can also expect to have greater insights into buying stocks and indices based on sound investment choices.

These topics are contemporary and having a great influence on companies and consumers. For example, take the matter of brand. This concept has evolved from proof of ownership to a crucial symbolic identity of services and quality goods.

Building personal brand is a very hot topic. Learn about it and how every single online action contributes mightily to the way products and organizations are perceived, and how all this maximizes profit and value.

What you will learn

  • Comparison of the elements of military and business strategies
  • Learn how to successfully apply military strategies and tools to business situations.
  • Learn how civilian business strategies can be impacted by military experience
  • Discuss the correlation between military experience and training versus civilian work experience and education
  • Describe value of marketing and sales as 2 key functional areas of a business
  • Discuss roles of digital and social media expand in marketing and sales
  • Recognize the importance of digital branding
  • Recognize how international relations affect our domestic exchange, interest and unemployment rates
  • Describe the role of Innovation, R&D, and Capital Investment
  • Discuss the impact of Regulation

Program Details


  • Business Strategy and Management
  • Communications
  • Entrepreneurial Approach
  • Leadership And Management
  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Theory and Management
  • Finance and Accounting Principles
  • Information Systems and Technology Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability
  • Economics
  • Military Business Leadership
  • Law and Ethics
  • Human Resources
  • Intercultural Management
  • Legal

Evolution of Corporate Strategy

  • Technology and its Impact on Business Strategy
  • Military Strategy vs. Business Strategy – Process and Methods
  • Military Strategy Experience and Education
  • Civilian Business Situations
  • Address communication barriers for enhanced effectiveness in the workplace
  • Tweak their verbal, vocal and visual communication to increase impact
  • Understand your and other’s communication style to enhance interactions
  • Ask effective questions and actively listen to improve understanding

Entrepreneurial Approach

  • What is business?
  • How do you define it?
  • What is the entrepreneur’s approach to business?
  • Entrepreneur’s Approach to a Startup
  • How do you evaluate a business?
  • Key elements of running a successful business
  • Commodity and intellectual-capital based businesses
  • Intelligence Gathering Skills
  • Attributes of the Veteran

Marketing and Sales

  • Sales and Marketing in Successful Organizations
  • Differences and Common Ground Between Marketing and Sales
  • Key Strategic and Tactical Roles
  • B2C, B2B and B2BX
  • Critical Role of Digital and Social Media

Human Resource Fundamentals

  • Overviewing the Human Resource (HR) Role
  • HR Functions
  • Civilian HR Department
  • Taxable Income, Reimbursable Expenses, and Benefits
  • Benchmarking Skill Sets
  • Associated Compensation

Navigating the Legal and Ethical Minefield

  • Becoming Mindful of Civilian Legal and Ethical Expectations
  • Understanding the Role of Ethics in Business Success
  • Examining Content in Typical Employee Codes of Conduct
  • Reviewing Laws Governing Managers
  • Comfortably Answering to Yourself, Those Under Your Supervision, Your Employer, and Corporate Stakeholders

Digital Marketing and Social Media

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Common problems that digital marketing can solve
  • Branding
  • Online identity
  • Search and digital channels
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital selling
  • Digital leadership and management

Project Management

  • Developing project objective statements
  • Project planning, scheduling, and control
  • Project phases
  • Project change management

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chain function
  • Components of Supply Chain Management – Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return.
  • Supply Chain’s Impact on Productivity, Customer Service, and Competitive Advantage
  • Supply-chain management as a cross-functional approach
  • Demand, flow and resource allocation
  • Logistics by type of organization
  • Managing the movement of raw materials into an organization
  • Internal processing of materials into finished goods
  • Movement of finished goods out of the organization and toward the end consumer


  • Business sustainability strategies
  • Sustainable business practices
  • Risk management
  • Increasing
  • Resilience
  • Financial

Fundamentals of Finance

  • Introduction to Finance
  • Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance
  • Fundamentals Of Investments: Valuation and Management
  • Fundamentals of Municipal Finance
  • Financial Statements
  • Important Financial Documents for Businesses
  • Cash flow
  • Contrasting Finance vs. Accounting
  • Financial Leadership

Military Business Leadership

  • Management Styles of Successful Military and Business Leaders
  • Leadership Style
  • Supervising, Leading, and Managing Others
  • Motivation, Influence, and Negotiation Techniques
  • Here’s How Military Leadership Skills Apply to Any Organization
  • Service-Oriented Leadership
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Mentorship and Training

Value-based Investing

  • Financial information and investment
  • Risks associated with different types of investments
  • Performance analysis
  • Return on investment and levels of satisfaction
  • Methods of valuation prior to investing


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