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Length: 5 Days
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Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA

For many companies in this oil and gas transformation era, the endgame has become a race against time, a move to completely transform operating models digitalizing core and support functions.

With sagging profits, disturbing bankruptcies and falling stock prices, most experts in the oil and gas sector believe it’s time that oil and gas companies revisit their strategies and practices.

Consequently, oil and gas organizations are embracing technology to reshape their operating landscape and reap the benefits of improved productivity, higher efficiency and increased cost savings.

The challenge for the oil and gas industry is to both engage and adapt to a changing policy and investment landscape, but also to evolve in ways which don’t simply support but contribute and perhaps even lead efforts to decarbonize the energy system.

Some would argue that digital transformation of the oil and gas industry is no longer a choice.

At this point, if any company underneath the industry umbrella (production, engineering, construction, just to name a few) has not converted in some way, they are not only late to the game, they are more than likely on their way out of the game.

The AI and Machine Learning capabilities on the market today are many. Every effort must be made to dissect the inner workings of an oil and gas discipline and figure out which company cannot only meet, but exceed, their needs.

As prices fluctuate more than ever, technologies are phased-in and phased-out faster than many companies can even keep track of. Capital expenditures are being emptied into digital opportunities, and the drive to maximize asset production and flexibility has left many key decision makers split as to where to head.

Tonex can help.

Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA Program Description

Oil and Gas Transformation Mini MBA gives you a well-rounded perspective on the rapidly-changing oil, gas and utility environment, its challenges, and how business strategies can improve operational efficiency, and the overall success of your transformation.

Tonex Mini MBA in Oil and Gas Transformation training is a  5-day workshop that surveys the core curriculum covered in most university-level graduate business programs as well as fundamental leadership and technology courses that are relevant to the Oil and Gas industry.

It offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging wireless industry. The program features focused learning experiences and case studies. In the collaborative, project based setting, managers and executives see how best practices and leadership can be used to create the efficiency needed in today’s marketplace. Common industry challenges that are addressed include:

  • Advances in oil and gas transformation
  • Risk management
  • Financial and productivity pressures
  • New organizational structures and professional relationships
  • The need for leadership and rapid responses to adapt changes
  • Lean operation
  • Global business and environment law and regulations


Candidates will learn and refine their skills in:

  • Understanding the aims of oil and gas organizations
  • Understanding the global oil and gas business environment and transformation trends
  • Formulating and leading teams
  • Formulating a comprehensive technology and service management plan
  • Developing oil and gas business and product strategies that create ongoing competitive advantage
  • Leveraging organizational structures, operations and systems to achieve business objectives
  • Formulating a comprehensive marketing and sales plan
  • Formulating a comprehensive security roadmap
  • Developing and implementing strategic and financial decisions in both normal and turbulent economic conditions
  • Applying finance and cost accounting techniques to support decision making
  • Managing people effectively to maximize organization  performance


The program consists of the following modules, which can be customized and tailored to develop the specific skills required by individual companies.

Day 1

  • Global Oil & Gas Industry Business and Technology Environment and Trends
  • Structural Characteristics of the Business in Oil and Gas Industry, Economic, Commercial, Technologies, Risks and Strategic Drivers of Oil and Gas
  • Strategy, Positioning and Leadership
  • Transformation to clean energy and net-zero emissions by 2050

Day 2

  • Sustainability in Oil & Gas
  • Operations Management
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Supply Chain
  • Exploration and Recovery
  • Project Development
  • Transportation Options
  • Safety, Environment and Decommissioning in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Transportation and Processing

Day 3

  • Project Management
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Asset and Risk Management

Day 4

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Managerial Economics
  • Risk Management

Day 5

  • Finance and Accounting Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Case Study and Project
  • Capstone Project on Transformation
  • Workshops and Projects (Customized)

Workshops and Case Studies

  • Oil and Gas Mini MBA Project
  • Board Presentation
  • Tools to become a better manager and leader
  • Strategies to effect positive change in your organization


  • Obtain cross-functional expertise, managerial and commercial oil and gas skills
  • Get equipped with tools and techniques to face the challenges of the increasingly challenging oil and gas environment
  • Increase your effectiveness as a oil and gas manager
  • Gain an executive perspective on key management and leadership concepts trends and issues in oil and gas
  • Grow and improve your strategic thinking and improve your strategic thinking and decision making skills
  • Position yourself to drive positive change drive positive change your organization


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