Project Time and Cost Management Training | For Scientists and Engineers

Earned Value Management

Project Time and Cost Management Training Created for Scientists and Engineers Project Time and Cost Management Training for Scientists and Engineers (For details CLICK HERE) coves concepts, tools and techniques required to effectively manage the schedule and budget of complex projects. Project time, schedule and budget analysis and control are significant elements of project management. Project […]

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OpenStack Training Crash Course

Network Transformation Technologies

OpenStack Training Crash Course OpenStack Training Crash Course will teach attendees the IaaS, OpenStack proof-of-concept, features, architecture, core services such as identity (Keystone), block storage (Cinder), image (Glance), networking (Neutron), compute and controller (Nova), dashboard (Horizon). Understand OpenStack and its components For complete course outline, CLICK HERE Learn about: OpenStack Features OpenStack architecture and components OpenStack Cloud […]

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SDN, NFV and Cloud Computing Training | Crash Course

Network Transformation Technologies

SDN, NFV and Cloud Computing Training Crash Course SDN, NFV and Cloud Computing Training is a 3-day crash course covering principals and key concepts behind Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). For details course outline, CLICK HERE. Example of Content: Cloud computing essential SDN and NFV principals SDN separation […]

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Electronic Warfare Training Bootcamp | EW Crash Course

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare Training Bootcamp, Electronic Warfare Training Crash Course Electronic Warfare Training Bootcamp, or Electronic Warfare Training Crash Course is a 4-day intensive training bootcamp covering key concepts, technologies and principles of operation of  electronic warfare systems and radar-controlled weapon systems. For details of  Electronic Warfare Training Bootcamp, CLICK HERE Key Topics Include: Introduction To Radar […]

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Project Management 101 | Project Management Fundamenatals

Training, Courses, Education and Seminars

Project Management 101, Project Management  Fundamentals Project Management 101, Project Management Fundamentals is a 2-day training program  designed to teaching key project management concepts, skills and tools. The objective of Project Management 101, The Fundamental program is to assist participants with project management skills for specialized areas of expertise. Learn the steps, procedures, methodologies and tools used in modern […]

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Radar Basics | Introduction to Radar Systems


Radar Basics, Introduction to Radar Systems Radar Basics, is a 3-day introduction to Radar Systems training course providing an understanding of radar systems concepts, basic of radar operation,  and technologies to  involved in radar systems development, acquisition, testing and operation. Radar Basics three-day training program consists of a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, case studies and videos. For […]

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Bluetooth 5 Training | Bluetooth 5 Course

Wireless Core Training Courses

Bluetooth 5 Training, Bluetooth 5 Course Bluetooth 5 (Bluetooth low energy v5) Training  Course is a new 2-day training program covering Blouetooth 5 application features, requirements, architecture, security and testing. For more details CLICK HERE.  Bluetooth® 5 is optimized for IoT application with bandwidth of  2 Mbps up from 1 Mbps (Bluetooth 4.x), delivering reliable IoT connections and mobilizing […]

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Introduction to Energy and Electric Regulatory

Power and Energy

Introduction to Energy and Electric Regulatory Training Introduction to Energy and Electric Regulatory raining Course is a 2-day program covering covers fundamentals of energy and electrical utilities regulation including NERC, FERC, CARB, CAISO, CEC, and DoE. For more detailed CLICK HERE. Learn about energy and electrical regulations including : Regulation on overall energy markets including […]

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Systems Engineering Lessons Learned | A Case Study Training

Advanced Systems Engineering Certification, Awareness Training Programs

Systems Engineering Lessons Learned | A Case Study Course Systems Engineering Lessons Learned is a Case Study Problem-based training course challenging participants to learn through engagement in real problems and failures by analyzing the case studies and Failure Analysis Workshops. For details CLICK HERE Learn by analyzing System Failure Case Studies of system failures from which attendees […]

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COTS-based Systems Engineering Training | Crash Course

Foundation Systems Engineering Courses

COTS-based Systems Engineering Training, Crash Course (For details CLICK HERE) COTS-based Systems Engineering Training covers the state-of-art in the field of systems engineering for COTS-based systems. In a Systems Engineering SDLC and procurement process, a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) concept is directly applicable including system or solution conceptual stage, Product Management and SDLC technical processes. Learn how to develop […]

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