LTE Public Safety Training

LTE Training, Wireless Training

LTE Public Safety Training by TONEX LTE Public Safety Training Course is a 3-day training program (for detailed course outline CLICK HERE). LTE Public Safety Training course is a new course developed by four leading LTE and Public Safety experts.  LTE Public Safety Training course provides an in-depth analysis public safety features supported and reused […]

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Power System Engineering Training

Power and Energy, Systems Engineering Training

Power System Engineering Training The Power System Engineering training course (for detailed course outline CLICK HERE) lays the basic foundations of electrical systems, transient and steady state analysis, main components of power systems, electrical machines, high voltage direct current system, active/reactive power control in power systems and power system operation. Our instructors at TONEX will […]

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Power System Fundamentals for Engineers

Power and Energy

Power System Fundamentals for Engineers by TONEX Power System Fundamentals for Engineers training course (For complete course outline, please CLICK HERE) will help you to understand the basic concepts of electricity generation , circuit analysis, power plants, generators, power delivery and power market. Our instructors at TONEX will teach you the history of power generation […]

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ZigBee Training | ZigBee 3.0 Training

Wireless Training

ZigBee 3.0 Training, TONEX ZigBee Training Course outline and detailed agenda, CLICK HERE ZigBee 3.0 Training by TONEX. ZigBee 3.0: The Foundation for the Internet of Things Learn about 802.15.4 PHY and MAC layers, ZigBee protocol layers, applications and profiles, ZigBee PRO, ZigBee 3.0, ZigBee IP and 6LowPAN and explore how ZigBee 3.0 will create a […]

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VoLTE Training


VoLTE Training, Voice over LTE Training, Maximizing VoLTE Performance and Security VoLTE Training covers all aspects of VoLTE planning, deployment, performance and management.  VoLTE plays as a crucial service for mobile operators and eventually terminate legacy GSM, CDMA and other 3GPP network infrastructures. Importantly, operators are expecting to position VoLTE as a premium service and a key […]

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Link 16 Training

Aerospace & Defense Engineering and Management Training, Systems Engineering Training

Link 16 Training by TONEX Link 16 Training by TONEX, covers fundamental principles of Link 16,  Link 16 Training offered by TONEX covers the foundation of Link 16, as a data communication standard and technology developed under JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System) program in 1975. JTIDS terminals or Class 1 terminals were large and  installed only on AWACS and at […]

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LTE Location Based Services Training

LTE Training

LTE Location Based Services LTE Location Based Services training course by TONEX, for more course description CLICK HERE. Location Based Services (LBS) are used for public safety, emergency services such as FCC’s E911 and commercial applications. LTE technology enabling E911 and LBS support several UE based positioning techniques: Assisted Global Navigation Satellite Systems (A-GNSS) Observed […]

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SCADA Security Training

Security Training

SCADA Security Training Course Overview, for complete course agenda CLICK HERE SCADA Security Training, Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) discusses SCADA systems and networks composed of sensors, servers, clients and applications that perform key functions in providing key services to essential commodities such as electricity, smart grid, power generation facilities, natural gas, gasoline, refineries, water, waste treatment, intelligent transportation. Securing SCADA networks […]

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Team Communication Workshop

Soft Skills

Team Communication workshop Training Team communication workshop training course description Team communication workshop training course is designed to help you solve the existing communication challenges in your organization in order to avoid more miscommunications in the future. Effective team communication skills not only help to resolve challenges and issues at a faster rate but also they […]

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