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Applied RF Circuit Engineering Training Certificate is a 4-day technical training covers the fundamental principles of RF systems and the design of high performance RF subsystems.

For detailed course agenda, CLICK HERE.

Course Highlights (Alphabetic):

  • 5G RF Architecture
  • Antenna Theory and Design
  • Applied RF Engineering
  • Circuits and Transmission Lines
  • Coupling Structures, Couplers, Dividers
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • GaN Power Amplifiers
  • Integration and Test
  • Math, Circuits and Signals
  • mmWave RFIC and MMIC Design Techniques
  • Principles of mm-Wave
  • Principles of mm-Wave Antennas
  • Principles of Phase Noise and Jitter
  • Principles of Phased Arrays
  • Principles of Propagation Theory
  • RF Amplifier Design
  • RF Amplifiers, Coupling Structures, Filters, Mixers and Oscillators Design
  • RF Circuit Design
  • RF Devices Theory and Applications
  • RF Filter Design
  • RF Introduction and Background
  • RF Parameters
  • RF Passive and Active Components and Devices
  • RF PLL Synthesizers
  • RF Principles and Applications
  • RF Sub-Systems Requirements
  • RF System Architectures
  • RF System Impairments
  • RF Systems Chrematistic and Performance
  • RF Systems Concepts and Designs
  • RF Test & Measurement
  • RF Transceiver Design
  • RF, Microwave and mm-Wave Transmission Engineering
  • RFIC Design
  • S-Parameters and Smith Chart
  • Transmission Lines