Course NameLength
5G AI Innovation Specialist (5GAIS)2 days
6G AI Technology Leader (6GATL)2 days
AI and Cloud Computing2 days
AI and Education: Teaching and Learning with Intelligent Systems2 days
AI and Ethics Associate (CRAIEA™️)2 days
AI and Financial Technology Expert (AIFTE)2 days
AI and Human Interaction Design2 days
AI and Renewable Energy Specialist (AIRES)1 day
AI Art Innovator Certification (AAIC)2 days
AI Data Science Professional (AIDSP)2 days
AI Defense and Response Strategist™ (ADRS™)2 days
AI Energy Sector Innovation Specialist (AESIS)2 days
AI Ethical Frameworks Workshop2 days
AI Ethics and Governance2 days
AI for Cybersecurity2 days
AI for Environmental and Water Resource Management (AIEWRM)2 days
AI for Environmental Education (AIEE)2 days
AI for Managers2 days
AI for Non-Profit Organizations (AINPO)2 days
AI for Saudi Arabia Vision 20302 days
AI for Sustainability Expert (AISE)2 days
AI for Sustainable Development Expert (AISDE)2 days
AI Fundamentals for Kids (AIFK)2 days
AI Healthcare Solutions Architect (AIHSA)2 days
AI in Aerospace and Aviation Management (AIAAM)2 days
AI in Creative Industries: A New Collaborative Frontier2 days
AI in Cultural Heritage Preservation (AICHP)2 days
AI in Digital Marketing Specialist (AIDMS)2 days
AI in Energy, Oil, and Gas2 days
AI in FinTech2 days
AI in Healthcare Training2 days
AI in Media and Communication (AIMC)2 days
AI in Smart Governance and Public Services (AISGPS)2 days
AI in the Workplace: Skills for the Future2 days
AI in Tourism and Hospitality Management (AITHM)2 days
AI Leadership Workshop2 days
AI Manifesto Workshop2 days
AI Procurement and Acquisition Specialist (APAS)2 days
AI Project Management2 days
AI Project Management Expertise (AIPME)2 days
AI Research and Development2 days
AI Robotics System Engineer (ARISE)2 days
AI Security Leadership™ (AISL™)2 days
AI Strategic Management Credential (AISMC)2 days
AI-Driven Healthcare Transformation Specialist (AIHTS)2 days
AI-Enhanced Education Innovator (AIEEI)2 days
Autonomous Mobility AI Engineer (AMAE)2 days
Autonomous Systems2 days
Blockchain and AI Integration Expert (BAIIE)2 days
Certified AI Cyber Defense Analyst (CACDA™)2 days
Certified AI Cyber Defense Incident Responder (CACDIR™)2 days
Certified AI Cybersecurity Software Developer (CACSD™)2 days
Certified AI Education Planner (CAIEP™)2 days
Certified AI Ethics and Governance Professional™ (CAEGP™)2 days
Certified AI Ethics Officer™ (CAIEO™)3 days
Certified AI Leadership (CAIL™)2 days
Certified AI Legal Advisor (CALA™)2 days
Certified AI Penetration Tester – Blue Team™ (CAIPT-BT™)2 days
Certified AI Penetration Tester – Red Team™ (CAIPT-RT™)2 days
Certified AI Policy and Strategy Leader (CAPSL™)2 days
Certified AI Practitioner™ (CAIP™)2 days
Certified AI Project Manager™ (CAIPM™)2 days
Certified AI Reliability Engineer™ (CARE™)2 days
Certified AI Risk Manager (CARM™)2 days
Certified AI Safety Officer™ (CASO™)2 days
Certified AI Security Architect (CASA™)2 days
Certified AI Security Communication Specialist (CACS™)2 days
Certified AI Security Control Assessor (CASCA™)2 days
Certified AI Security Fundamentals™ (CAISF™)2 days
Certified AI Solution Developer (CAID™)2 days
Certified AI Space Systems Professional (CASSP™)2 days
Certified AI Technical Support Specialist (CATSS™)2 days
Certified AI Workplace Specialist (CAIWS™)2 days
Certified AI-Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making (CAISD™)2 days
Certified Chief AI Officer (CCAI™)2 days
Certified Creative AI Specialist (CCAIP™)2 days
Certified Cybersecurity Risk and Strategy Professional (CCRSP)2 days
Certified Ethical AI Hacker™ (CEAIH™)2 days
Certified Ethical AI Practitioner (CEAIP™)2 days
Certified GenAI and LLM Cybersecurity Professional (CGLCP™)2 days
Certified Generative AI and Large Language Models Specialist (CGALLMS™)2 days
Certified Healthcare AI Solution Architect (CHAIA™)2 days
Certified Human-AI Interaction Designer (CHAID™)2 days
Certified Lawful, Authentic, Ethical and Robust AI (CLEARAI ™)2 days
Certified Machine Learning Engineer™ (CMLE™)2 days
Certified Master AI Leadership (CMAL™)2 days
Certified Neural Network Specialist™ (CNNS™)2 days
Certified Reasonable AI Developer (CrAId) Program2 days
Certified Responsible AI Analyst (CRaiA)2 days
Certified Responsible AI and Ethics Expert (CRAIEE™️)2 days
Certified Responsible AI and Ethics Leader (CRAIEL™️)2 days
Certified Responsible AI and Ethics Practitioner (CRAIEP™️)2 days
Certified Responsible AI Engineer (CRaiE)2 days
Certified Responsible AI Leader (CRaiL)2 days
Certified Responsible AI Manager (CRaiM)2 days
Certified Responsible AI Practitioner (CRaiP)2 days
Certified Responsible AI Tester (CRaiT)2 days
Certified Specialist in Human-AI Collaboration (CSHAI™)2 days
Developing AI Solutions with Human-Centric Design2 days
Digital Transformation Workshop2 days
Energy AI Engineering Mastery (EAEM)2 days
Ethical AI: Principles and Practices2 days
Executive Leadership in AI Transformation (ELAIT)2 days
Global AI Leadership Program (GALP)2 days
Human-AI Collaboration in Healthcare2 days
Industry 4.0 AI Mastery (I4AM)2 days
Innovative AI Engineering Certification (IAIEC)2 days
Introduction to AI Regulatory Frameworks2 days
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Leadership2 days
Introduction to Human-AI Collaboration2 days
Lean AI Manufacturing Expert (LAME)2 days
Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)2 days
Master of AI Security™ (MAIS™)2 days
Natural Language Processing (NLP)2 days
Overview of AI Manifesto2 days
Smart City AI Integration Specialist (SCAIS)2 days
Smart City Innovator for Vision 2030 (SCIV30)2 days
Strategic AI Sourcing Certification (SASC)2 days
Strategic Decision-Making with AI2 days
Vision 2030 AI Leadership Program (V3ALP)2 days
Women in AI Leadership Program (WAILP)2 days