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DO-178 and DO-254 Training

DO-178 and DO-254 training courses are designed by TONEX to cover a combination of DO-178C (software) and DO-254 (hardware) guidelines associated with civilian and commercial avionic systems.  We will teach you the precise applications of each of these guidelines, their components, and their requirements. We also introduce you to the best practices of DO-178 and DO-254 and effective executions of them. You will learn about the background, evolution, and transition of both DO-178C and DO-254, as well as the benefits of these recent guidelines compared to their previous versions.

 Through DO-178 and DO-254 training courses, you will obtain the necessary knowledge to initiate a project in regards to safety, methods, quality assurance, and configuration management.

Moreover, we will deliver adequate training on DO-178/254 compliant requirements, design, execution, and verification processes. We will discuss the common mistakes and teach you the approaches to avoid them.

All the DO-178 and DO-254 training courses are delivered in both theoretical and practical modules. The most majority of the trainings is dedicated to the practical activities including several labs, individual/group activities, and hands-on workshops.

Below are the courses that TONEX is offering on DO-178 and DO-254. Browse through our catalogue to find what fits you best:

DO-178 Training | DO-178C Training | DO-254 Training

This course is an integrated program that intends to prepare you for Avionic Certification. You will obtain the knowledge and skills of the effective strategies and techniques in order to become compliant with DO-178C and DO-254. This course will cover various aspects of certification of avionics systems including the real-time embedded applications, graphics and illustrations, simulation, flight and engine control systems, power, actuation, mechanical and electromechanical systems, navigation and communication systems.

Below are the major topics you will learn during this course:

  • Avionic certifications
  • ARP-4754A and ARP-4761 relationships
  • Requirements of DO-178
  • DO-254 requirements
  • DO-178B vs DO-178C
  • Common mistakes of DO-178C and DO-254 and how to avoid them
  • Safety concerns
  • DO-178C standard applications in real projects
  • Software development planning
  • Software verification planning
  • Configuration Management Planning (CMP)
  • Quality assurance process
  • Software design verification
  • Code standards verification
  • Hardware Verification Planning (HVP)
  • Hardware assurance process
  • Hardware evaluation
  • Hardware configuration planning

DO-178C Training Crash Course

DO-178C Training Crash Course delivers the information and skills necessary to decrease the risks and costs associated with DO-178C, though increasing the quality of the software. You will be introduced to efficient and well-established strategies and techniques applied in real-life software development projects. We will discuss the most probable mistakes people make while developing DO-178C and teach you how to avoid them.

DO-178C training crash course discusses the essential ideas and logic behind DO-178B/C. You will learn about the modifications occurred in DO-178C in transitioning from DO-178B, and that how to migrate from DO-178B version to DO-178C version in your organization. DO-178C training crash course teaches you to apply this protocol in the Object-based methods and their associated supplement (DO-332). You will also become familiar with the Ada language and GNAT Pro tool to comply with the certification goals.

Below are some of the major topics covered in this training course:

  • DO-178C topology
  • DO-178 objectives
  • Modifications across various versions
  • Supplements
  • DO-178C processes
  • Software development planning
  • DO-178 history
  • DO-178C rules
  • ARP-4761 safety analysis
  • DO-178 design aspects
  • DO-178 execution, coding, and feedbacks
  • DO-178 verification process
  • Differences between DO-178/254 and CMMI
  • DO-178C structural coverage, techniques & policies
  • Traceability
  • DO-178 common mistakes & prevention
  • Gap analysis
  • Design, data & control flow
  • COTS application in DO-178
  • Regulatory overview

 DO-178C Training | Workshop

This training workshop will teach you all the features of “software considerations in airborne systems and equipment certification”, which is the original guideline for civilian and commercial avionics software development. Such certification is adopted, applied, and supported by FAA and EASA, ED-12C.

You will comprehend the compliance characteristics of the DO-178C and understand the goals and expectations of DO-178C as the key tool for complying with the reliability specifications in order to get the FAA and EASA approval for the software used in civil aviation products.

Below are the major topics this course will cover:

  • System Considerations in Software Life Cycle Processes
  • Software Development Processes
  • Software Verification Processes
  • Software Configuration Management (CM) Processes
  • Software Quality Assurance (QA) Processes
  • Software Life Cycle Data
  • DO-330 Tool Qualification and DO-331 Modeling

 DO-254 Training | Design Assurance of Airborne Electronic Hardware

This training course will discuss the rationale, goals and standards you need to know in order to design hardware for design assurance of airborne electronic that meets with the requirements of DO-254. DO-254 is also known as ED-80 if defined based on Eurocae.

Do-254 Training teaches you the process features of airborne electronic hardware from the very beginning, which is conceptual design, through initial certification and then final safety verifications. You will learn about the DO-254 objectives that are required to meet by all the avionics parts producers based on EASA and FAA standards.

During the 2-day of training, we will give you an inclusive overview and discuss the applications of DO-254 as mandated by the existing FAA and EUROCAE ED-12C / ED-109A protocols.

You will learn the most recent guidelines of FAA and EASA relevant to the DO-254 in airborne systems. DO-254 training also covers the RTCA DO-254 levels of criticality. These five assurance levels are mandated for all the civil and commercial avionic electronic hardware. In addition to the civil avionic systems, we will give you the military applications of DO-254 in the avionic systems. The following are the major areas we will cover in this training course:

  • DO-254 Requirements Capture
  • DO-254 Conceptual Design
  • DO-254 Detailed Design
  • DO-254 Implementation and Production Transition
  • DO-254 Verification and Validation

DO-178 and DO-254 training