November 6, 2017 @ 9:00 am – November 8, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
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Howard Gottlieb
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Bluetooth Training Course Description: Bluetooth Courses and Bluetooth Technology Training Program; Topics can be customized based on the requirements.

Bluetooth training course explores core concepts of the Bluetooth. This course presents the fundamentals of Bluetooth for anyone who need to be grounded in the fundamentals and existing professionals who need to fill in any gaps they may have in their understanding of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Although Bluetooth has been around since 1994, it has made some of its greatest strides over the last decade. Workers in the field keep up with this changing information by taking Bluetooth training courses, which focus on the fundamentals of Bluetooth technology as well as the evolving market trends.

Tonex provides the highest quality Bluetooth technology training programs for small businesses, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our skilled instructors and high level of information in the courses are not limited to large companies, and we enjoy the diverse group of clients that we serve year-round. In fact, our Bluetooth technology training program is flexible and adaptable, meeting the unique needs of your business.

While all of our Bluetooth courses do follow a particular format that we have found to be most successful, we can modify the details of the course so that they reflect the nature of your business. For instance, all Bluetooth training courses begin with an overview of the seminar. We then expand on these ideas by bringing in new information and using real-world examples to relate to this information.

Our seminars are known for incorporating interactive lesson plans and hands-on activities that make the material learned more memorable and fun. After all, this is the type of information that sticks with you; not the type that is written down on paper or taught through a monotone lecture. Clients then receive certificates upon successful completion of the course.

Why should you choose TONEX for your Bluetooth Training?

Bluetooth Training course illustrates and highlights the importance of several aspects of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Training is an ideal course for Engineers and Non-engineers professionals to fill in their gaps in understanding the Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Training

Bluetooth Training covers the following topics:

  • Bluetooth 101
  • Bluetooth Applications
  • Bluetooth Services
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Bluetooth Smart: Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth Core Specification
  • Bluetooth Profiles
  • Bluetooth Networking Architecture
  • Bluetooth Operations
  • Bluetooth implementations
  • The Bluetooth Protocols
  • Bluetooth Architecture
  • Bluetooth Physical layer (PHY)
  • Physical Channels
  • Physical Links
  • Spectrum
  • Interference
  • Class of radio
  • Power and range
  • Bluetooth Packets
  • Link Manager Protocol (LMP)
  • Host controller Interface (HCI)
  • Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (LCAP)
  • Bluetooth Security
  • Bluetooth LE (Low Energy)
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Configuring Bluetooth devices
  • Installing Bluetooth
  • Device discovery and Service discovery
  • Bluetooth standards
  • Conformance and compatibility testing

Bluetooth training Course is a unique high quality training designed for engineers and non-engineers considering Bluetooth, BLE, and Bluetooth Smart planning, architecture and design, product development,  testing, verification and validation or transforming plans into working systems.

Topics Include:

  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and BLE device types, design goals, terminology, and core concepts
  • Bluetooth Architecture : including controller, host, applications, and stack splits
  • Bluetooth Physical Layer: modulation, frequency band, radio channels, power, tolerance, and range
  • Bluetooth Link Layer: state machine, packets, channels, broadcasting, encryption, and optimization
  • Protocols such as HCI-physical/logical interfaces, controller setup, and connection management and L2CAP-channels and packet structure, and signaling channels
  • Attributes-grouping, services, characteristics, and protocols
  • Bluetooth Security considerations such as pairing, bonding, and data signing
  • Generic Access Profiles (GAP) including roles, modes, procedures, security modes, data advertising, and services
  • Bluetooth Applications, devices, services, profiles, and peripherals
  • Bluetooth Testing and qualification: planning, testing, verification, validation and compliance

Tonex offers the following types of training courses in addition to our innovative Bluetooth training program:

• Telecom Training
• IP Networking Training
• IT Training
• RF Training
• Wireless Training
• Systems Engineering Training
• Enterprise Architecture Training
• Leadership and Management Training

This list of topics is not complete, however. Since the field of information technology and telecommunications is constantly evolving, our course offerings evolve as well. As a company known for delivering the highest quality boot camps, overview classes and specialty courses, you can expect a comprehensive catalog of seminars that reflect the current market climate. To learn more about Bluetooth training courses, contact our team at Tonex today.

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