July 22, 2019 @ 9:00 am – July 26, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
1025 Connecticut Ave
NW Suite 1000, Washington
DC 20036
Howard Gottlieb
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DoDAF, UPDM and SysML Workshop, A 5-Day Hands-on Training Course

DoDAF, UPDM  and SysML Workshop covers DoDAF 2, UPDM 2 and SysML  topics. It introduces migration of DoDAF 2.0 to UPDM 2.0 using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with Systems Modeling Language (SysML), the OMG SysML, the industry standard for MBSE applications.

DoDAF, UPDM  and SysML Workshop: DoD Architecture Framework 2 (DoDAF 2), the Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM) and Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Workshop provides participants with a solid foundation and tools for Integrating DoDAF, UPDM with SysML and UML on a DoD acquisition program applying Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) principles and best practices including SysML the industry standard visual modeling language for systems engineering applications provided by OMG.

DoDAF, UPDM and SysML Workshop uses practical problems using DoDAF. UDDM and SysML viewpoints, artifacts and diagram types.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of DoDAF, UPDM and SysML Workshop, participants are able to:

  • Learn about DoDAF 2, UPDM 2 and SysML
  • Give examples of integration of DoDAF 2, UPDM 2 and SysML and applicable use cases and scenarios
  • Differentiate between DoDAF, UPDM and SysML
  • Explain the role of DoDAF 2, UPDM 2 and SysML and integrating them with DoDAF-compliant system architectures, capabilities and acquisition
  • Specify specific characteristics of the capabilities and utilization of DoDAF, UPDM and SysML
  • Give examples of DoDAF, UPDM and SysML artifacts and full system lifecycle development
  • Work with compliant DoDAF, UPDM and SysML tools and processes
  • Distinguish among tools to integrate DoDAF, UPDM and SysML
  • Explore DoDAF-compliant system using DoDAF2-UML2-UPDM2 compliant tools and visual modeling tools supporting DoDAF 2, UPDM 2 and SysML
  • Finalize a simple acquisition case study with DoDAF 2, SysML and UPDM 2 modeling

Who Should Attend

DoDAF , UPDM  and SysML Workshop is recommended for Enterprise and Solution Architects, Software Architects and Engineers, Developers, Analysts, Systems Engineers, System Modelers, System Architects, Project Managers, and anyone else who is interested to learn about DoDAF 2, UPDM 2 and SysML integration.

Topics Covered

Motivation behind integration of DoDAF , UPDM  and SysML 

  • DoDAF, UPDM, SysML and UML on a DoD Acquisition Program
  • Model Based Systems Engineering and Systems Modeling Language (SysML)
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Overview
  • Architecting With Model Based  Systems Engineering (MBSE)
    and Systems Modeling Language
  • DoDAF 2 Viewpoints and Views
  • DoDAF Specific Features
  • DoDAF 2.0 viewpoints and views
  • All Views viewpoint
  • Capability viewpoint
  • Project viewpoint
  • Operational viewpoint
  • Data and Information viewpoint
  • Services viewpoint
  • Systems viewpoint
  • Representation of DoDAF/UPDM in Commercial Tools
  • Systems Engineering with SysML
  • System Design Model, Including Traceability to OpsCon
  • Stakeholder Requirements Definition
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architetutal Design

Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF™ (UPDM™) Framework

  • UPDM Value Proposition
  • UPDM as a domain specific variant of SysML
  • UPDM capabilities for defense applications
  • Language Architecture, UPDM Profile
  • Core Principles
  • Representing Stereotype Constraints
  • UML Constraint Representation
  • Important Areas of the Architecture
  • Using UPDM Profile
  • DoDAF Class Library
  • UPDM L1
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core::AllElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core::ExternalTypes
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core::OperationalElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core::ServiceElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core::StrategicElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core::SystemsElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::Core::TechnicalStandardsElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::DoDAF::AcquisitionElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::DoDAF::AllElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::DoDAF::OperationalElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::DoDAF::ServiceElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::DoDAF::StrategicElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::DoDAF::SystemElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::DoDAF::TechnicalStandardsElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::MODAF::AcquisitionElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::MODAF::AllElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::MODAF::OperationalElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::MODAF::StrategicElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::MODAF::TechnicalStandardsElements
  • UPDM L1::UPDM L0::SwAF
  • UPDM Views (Profile)
  • UPDM Elements Traceability
  • Sample Problem


  • Systems Modeling Language (SysML) relationship to the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and the Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM)
  • transition to DoDAF/UPDM with MBSE & SysML
    SysML Relationship to DoDAF and UPDM
  • DoDAF models map directly to the  SysML diagram types
    DoDAF matrix artifacts
  • SysML models
  • DoDAF Data Elements
    DoDAF MetaModel (DM2)
  • DoDAF data elements and the relationships among them
  • The Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF (UPDM) asa SysML profile
  • Tools to develop SysML models using DoDAF or MODAF terminology
  • UPDM Domain Metamodel (DMM) and UPDM elements
  • Relationships between DMM and UPDM
  • DoDAF/UPDM and SysML Integration using SPARX Enterprise Architect edition and MagicDraw edition

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