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Fundamentals of Link 16, JTIDS Training and MIDS Training Course, Duration: 2 days, Onsite or Live Online for Group of 5 or more.

This two-day comprehensive Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS course covers everything from core Tactical Data Networks (TDLs), Link 16 terminology to the how JTIDS and MIDS systems and networks function, Link 16 architecture, protocols, terminals, RF engineering, network planning, frequency planning, Network Enabled Weapons (NEW),  network management, security policies, risk management, a new way of looking at Link 16/JTIDS/MIDS and Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS cybersecurity, jamming, cryptographic principles, network attacks, and many other topics. All topics are covered at an easy to understand introductory level.

This course is for those who have very little knowledge of TDL and Link 16/JTIDS/MIDS technology with no prior knowledge of TDLs and cyber security. The hands-on, step-by-step teaching approach enables you to grasp all the information presented, even if some of the topics are new to you. You’ll learn real-world Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS fundamentals to serve as the foundation of your career skills and knowledge for years to come.

Written by TDL, network and cyber security professionals with many years of industry experience in both the public and private sectors, Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS course provides uncompromising real-world insight from start to finish.

Course Syllabus

To determine if the Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS course is right for you, ask yourself five simple questions:

-Are you new to Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS and in need of an introduction to the fundamentals?

-Are you bombarded with complex TDL, Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS terms that you don’t relate to?

-Do you need to be conversant in basic TDL, Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS concepts, principles, architecture, and terms?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Link 16, JTIDS and MIDS training course is for you. Jump-start your TDL knowledge by receiving insight and instruction from real-world TDL and Link 16 experts on critical introductory topics that are fundamental to cyber security.