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Link 16 is the most important part of aerospace systems engineering. Learning Link 16 will help you to create more automation to the system and more control.

Tonex offers nearly a dozen courses in Link 16, such as: 

Advanced Link 16 Training (3 days)

Link 16 Training for Managers (3 days)

Tactical Data Link Training Crash Course (4 days)

Link 16 and MIDS Training Bootcamp (5 days)

Visible Message Format (VMF) Training Bootcamp (4 days)

Our Link 16 courses are designed by Link 16 experts in the field, and this allows our workshops to excel in certain topics that only professionals in these specialized areas would understand.

What is Link 16?

Firstly, Link 16 is a tactical data link (TDL) developed by ViaSat Inc. And, Data Link Solutions (DLS) LLC. Favorably, It can network communications between land, navy, and air force to support joint operations and improve interoperability.

What are the Link 16 benefits?

Most importantly, Anti-jamming technology, real-time transmission of combat data, voice communication, images and related navigation information. Also, It includes data exchange through public communication links, sensor information exchange, command and so on.

What sets Link 16 apart from other tactical data links?

Honestly, a few factors have improved it. Of course, security, jam resistance, situational mindfulness, expanded information throughput, limit of data traded.

What frequencies does Link 16 use?

By default, The Link 16 tactical data link standard operates in the L-band (969 – 1206 MHz) portion of the UHF spectrum.

What are the responsibilities Link 16 systems engineer?

Usually, Designing the Link 16 TDL, Maintaining TDL equipment, Planning operational and tactical correspondences data frameworks.

Which security features currently active in Link 16?

Undoubtedly, Jam resistant technology, Cryptographic Variable Logic Labels (CVLL), encrypted messages, encrypted transmissions.

What is a TDL?

Simpy, it is Tactical data links. The (TDLs) are exceptionally organized normalized and interoperable correspondence links.

Is Link 16 secure?

Obviously, it’s secure. Link 16 TDMA-based secure, which is an encrypted, jam-resistant, nodeless tactical digital data link network.

What kind of platforms use link 16?

In fact, Link 16 is frequently used in Air Force fighters, bombers and tankers, Navy aircraft, ships, air and missile defense.

What are some good sources for Link 16 training ?

Tonex has been helping world’s most largest organizations like the Ministry of Defense, NATO and defense contractors. Obviously, you can expect all the information learned in class to be accurate, relevant and up-to-date.
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