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Annex A: Change history

TSG SA#SA Doc.SA1 DocSpecCRRevRelCatSubject/CommentOldNewWI
SP-0721.905Approved at SA#07 as version 3.0.0 3.0.0 
SP-08SP-000209S1-00036921.9050001 R99BNew Abbreviations and Definitions for R99, language alignment and editorial changes3. 
08/200021.905MCC correction of CR001 implementation; editorial update. 
SP-09SP-000380S1-00047721.9050002 R99DNew Abbreviations and Definitions for R993. 
SP-09SP-000381S1-00062721.9050003 R4DChange of Name of MExE3. 
SP-10SP-000659S1-00073121.9050004 Rel-4BIntroduces ASCI definition4.
SP-10SP-000659S1-00073621.90500051Rel-4BInclusion of GSM 01.04 v 7.0.0 acronyms and abbreviations in the vocabulary4.
SP-11SP-010038S1-01023321.9050006 Rel-4DEditorial changes and new definitions4.
SP-11SP-010038S1-01023421.9050007 Rel-4BInclusion of commonly used definition contained in 23.1224.
SP-12SP-010256S1-01036621.9050008 Rel-4FCorrections to the vocabulary requested by RAN-
SP-12SP-010256S1-01058221.9050009 Rel-4FCR to 21.905 on Definitions in 22.101 subscription and service provider4.
SP-12SP-010258S1-01053721.9050010 Rel-5DAddition of definition of Service Provider and Subscription. Modification of definition of Subscriber4.
SP-13SP-010430S1-01064921.9050013 Rel-5BCR to 21.905v5.0.0 (Rel-5) on Alignment of definitions requested by RAN
SP-13SP-010431S1-01083821.9050016 Rel-5BCR to 21.905 version 5.0.0 Nomenclature for GTT5.
SP-14SP-010671S1-01127621.90500211Rel-5FDefintion of Local Services5.
SP-15SP-020046S1-02039321.9050030 Rel-5BCR to 21.905: new definition of the term ‘service’
SP-15SP-020063S1-02043121.9050031 Rel-5BCR 21.905 Rel. 5 Introduction of new abbreviations derived of the approval of 3GPP TS 23.2365.
SP-15SP-020046S1-02045221.9050032 Rel-5BCR 21.905 Rel.5 B Introduction of the definitions of “pre-pay” and “post-pay” billing5.
SP-15SP-020046S1-02052621.9050033 Rel-5FCR to 21.905: Replacement of the term UMTS with 3GPP system5.
SP-15SP-020046S1-02052721.9050034 Rel-5BCR to 21.905: missing abbreviations5.
SP-15SP-020046S1-02052821.9050035 Rel-5BCR to 21.905: new definition of the term ‘application’
SP-15SP-020046S1-02061721.9050036 Rel-5BCR to 21905: definitions of online and offline charging5.
SP-15SP-020046S1-02062021.9050037 Rel-5BCR to 21.905: Improved definition of the term “application”
SP-16SP-020243S1-02097321.9050038 Rel-5FCR to 21.905 5.3.0 – removal of obsolete reference5.
SP-17SP-020596 21.90500391Rel-5FAddition of GERAN definitions and abbreviations5.
SP-17SP-020596 21.90500401Rel-5FAddition of missing GSM/GPRS abbreviations5.
SP-17SP-020555S1-02176221.9050041 Rel-6BCR to 21.905 definitions from TR 22.9515.
SP-17SP-020555S1-02171521.9050042 Rel-6FEnhancement of the definition of the ‘Subscriber’
SP-18SP-020654S1-02222321.9050043 Rel-6DUpdate to 3GPP TR 21.905, Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications6.
SP-18SP-020666S1-02226421.9050044 Rel-6BCR to 21.905 to introduce WLAN terminology6.
SP-19SP-030012S1-03023821.9050046Rel-6ACR on Entities of the mobile system6.
SP-20SP-030247S1-03039121.9050047Rel-6BAddition of the definition and acronym of 3GPP Generic User Profile6.
SP-20SP-030240S1-03057621.9050050Rel-6ACorrection of acronyms in TR21.9056.
SP-21SP-030456S1-03097121.9050052Rel-6ACorrection of the Defintion of CDR6.
SP-22SP-030694S1-03114521.9050053Rel-6FTerminology addtions for IP-CAN and IP-CAN bearer6.
SP-22SP-030694S1-03131121.9050054Rel-6FModified base station definition6.
SP-23SP-040087S1-04011521.9050055Rel-6BAcronyms for the Flexible Layer One6.
SP-23SP-040107S5-04211221.9050056Rel-6FAdd Subscription Management (SuM) Definition and Abbreviation to SA1’s 21.905 – Align with SA5’s 32.140/1, 32.171/2/… & 3GPP Work Plan (WI Acronym)
SP-24SP-040286S1-04050721.9050057Rel-6FInclusion of ANP abbreviation as requested by SA36.
SP-24SP-04047621.90500582Rel-6FTR 21.905 Addition WLAN UE definition and classes of equipment and abbreviation6.
SP-27SP-050055S1-05014321.9050061Rel-6AIntroduction of RAN Information Management6.
SP-28SP-050213S1-05048721.9050062Rel-6FCorrection of OSA acronym6.
SP-29SP-050509S1-05078021.9050065Rel-6AAbbreviation for SCUDIF6.
SP-29SP-050515S1-05078121.9050066Rel-6FDefinition and abbreviation for DSAC6.
SP-29SP-050524S1-05082821.9050067Rel-7BIntroduction of SBLP abbreviation6.
SP-31SP-060033S1-06026621.9050068Rel-7FCorrection of terminology7.
SP-32SP-06042821.90500691Rel-7FTISPAN UE definition7.
SP-35SP-07023121.90500713Rel-7FTerminology clarification for User Equipment and User Equipment components7.
SP-35SP-070135S1-07024821.9050072Rel-8DAdding FMC to terms and abbreviations7.
SP-36SP-070475S1-07044221.90500741Rel-8AAddition of “Steering of Roaming” to definitions and abbreviations8.
SP-37SP-070562S1-07094921.90576 Rel-8BTo define ‘Service Continuity’ in the vocabulary8.
SP-37SP-070562S1-07098621.90577 Rel-8BProposal to add E-UTRA and E-UTRAN8.
SP-37SP-070562S1-07110221.905751Rel-8BProposal to add Evolved Packet System  Evolved Packet Core8.
SP-37SP-070562S1-07123321.905782Rel-8CNP definition8.
SP-38SP-070848S1-07189321.90500791Rel-8BAddition of definitions of an End-User and End-User Identity8.
SP-39SP-080045S1-08027621.90500802Rel-8FProposal to add abbreviation for Evolved Packet Core8.
SP-39SP-080045S1-08027521.90500812Rel-8FCorrection of UICC definition8.
SP-40SP-080298S1-08056521.90500821Rel-8BAddition of definition of Pilot Identity8.
SP-41SP-080493S1-08239521.90500832Rel-8BAdd definitions and abbreviations related to Home NodeB and Home eNodeB8.
SP-42SP-080769S1-08344121.90500891Rel-9BAddition of definition of IMS Credentials and IMC abbreviation8.
SP-43SP-090080S1-09016721.90500921Rel-9AIntroduce the definition of CSG manager (Mirror CR to rel-9)
SP-43SP-090081S1-09016021.90500942Rel-9AEditorial changes in IMC definition9.
SP-44SP-090373S1-09127721.90500951Rel-9FAlign definition of Allowed CSG list9.
SP-45SP-090484S1-09334221.9050098Rel-10BDefinition for Local IP Access and Selected IP Traffic Offload9.
SP-46SP-090844S1-09427421.90501011Rel-10AClarify the term “Active Set” in 21.90510.
SP-46SP-090848S1-09446721.90501023Rel-10BAdding IFOM ( IP Flow Mobility)
SP-47SP-100188S1-10043821.90501031Rel-10AAdding definition of IMS Multimedia Telephony10.
SP-47SP-100189S1-10024821.90501044Rel-10BDefinition of Heterogeneous networks10.
SP-51SP-110091 21.9051054Rel-10FAddition of new terms and abbreviations10.
SP-54SP-110825 21.905106 Rel-11BAdding of MTC terms and definitions10.
        Remove unwanted character formatting from definition of “Elementary procedure”. 
SP-56SP-120318 21.905107 Rel-11FRemoval of invalid reference11.
SP-57SP-120521 21.905108 Rel-11 Update MTC definitions11.
SP-58SP-120783 21.9051091Rel-11 Correction of the definition of the term “3GPP system”
SP-60SP-130315 21.9051103Rel-12 Add common definitions from ProSe11.
SP-70SP-150711 21.9050111 Rel-13 Correction and addition of definitions for Online and Offline Charging12.
SP-70SP-150841 21.9050112 Rel-13 Definition of extended DRX and Power Saving Mode in the 3GPP vocabulary12.
Change history
DateMeetingTDocCRRevCatSubject/CommentNew version
2016-06SA#72SP-1604660113 FCorrection of 3GPP vocabulary due to renaming to EC-GSM-IoT
(i.e. change abbreviation EC-GPRS to EC-GSM-IoT)
2017-03SA#75    Promotion to Release 14 without technical change14.0.0
2017-06SA#76SP-1704100114 FUpdate to the definition of TTCN14.1.0
2017-06SA#76SP-1705750115 BProposed Definition for Restricted Local Operator Services14.1.1
2018-03SA#79SP-18017901163BAddition of 5G in the definition of 3GPP system15.0.0
2018-12SA#82SP-18116701172BAdd new terms and abbreviations15.1.0
2019-06SA#84SP-1905690118 BAdd new general abbreviations
MCC Note: CR cover sheet wrongly shows CR number as “1118”.
2020-06SA#88-eSP-2005700121 FUICC definition alignment17.0.0