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Management Training Courses and Seminars


Big Data for Project and Program Managers Training3 days
Briefing Skills and Techniques Course3 days
Business Intelligence and Analytics for Financial Planning Professionals | FBI&A Training5 days
Business Strategy Toolkit2 days
Business Writing For Non Native English Speakers2 days
Business Writing Skills Training2 days
Change Management Training2 days
Channel Management Training3 days
Conflict Management Training1 day
Conflict Management Training | The Fundamentals1 day
Contract Writing Training2 days
Corporate Social Responsibility Training2 days
CPM Training, Critical Path Method3 days
Decision Making Training for Project and Program Managers3 days
Effective Leadership Skills1 day
Effective Team Communication Workshop Training2 days
Emotional Intelligence Training | 2-Day Workshop2 days
Emotional Intelligence Training | The Fundamentals1 day
Emotional Intelligence | Management Training2 days
Engineering Creativity Workshop3 days
Engineering Project Management2 days
Engineering Project Management Training3 days
How To Become A Powerful Presenter2 days
How to Deal with Difficult People Training2 days
Interpersonal Skills and Communication in the Workplace Short Course1 day
Interpersonal Skills and Communication in the Workplace Training2 days
Leading High Performance Teams Training2 days
Look Ahead Schedule Training2 days
Mergers and Acquisitions Training | Merger Acquisition Training4 days
Mistake Proofing Training | Poka Yoke2 days
Offshore Wind Farm Training2 days
Operations Management Training2 days
Operations Management Training Boot Camp4 days
Organizational Development Fundamentals Training3 days
Patent Law for Engineers Training2 days
Patent Law for Managers | Training Crash Course3 days
People Management Training3 days
Performance Management Training2 days
PMI Certification Preparation Training Boot Camp4 days
Portfolio Management Fundamentals Training3 days
Principles of Organization Management Training3 days
Product Management Bootcamp Training4 days
Product Management Training2 days
Professional Assertiveness and Confidence Development2 days
Project Management Essentials Training3 days
Project Management Fundamentals2 days
Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification | Exam Preparation3 days
Project Stakeholders Management Training3 days
Project Time and Cost Management Training for Scientists and Engineers4 days
Proposal Engineering 1012 days
Proposal Engineering Workshop- Hands-On3 days
Requirements Writing Training Course – Specification Writing Training2 days
Risk Management Training Course2 days
Scope Management and Baseline Development2 days
SharePoint for Project Management Training3 days
SOW Writing Training | Statement of Work Training2 days
Strategic Planning and Management Training3 days
Systems Engineering Project Management Training2 days
Technical Writing For Non Native Speakers of English2 days
The Black Hat Workshop2 days
Time Management and Organization Skills2 days
Writing for Engineers, Scientists and Technical Managers2 days