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 Network Functions Virtualization Training Courses, NVF Training by TONEX.

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Network Functions Virtualization Training, NVF Training introduces  concepts, technologies and new ways to design, deploy and manage networking services. Network Functions Virtualization allows decoupling of critical network functions such as such as NAT, DHCP, DNS, firewall, IDS from proprietary hardware appliances. These critical functions are able to run in software only and simplifies networking components and leads to a fully virtualized infrastructure. This is applicable to data plane processing or control plane function in both wired and wireless network infrastructures.

Certified SDN Engineer Certification | ONE OCSE Certification Preparation4 days
IMS NFV Training | IMS Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Training2 days
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Training Bootcamp1 day
Network Functions Virtualization Training | NFV Training2 days
Network Transformation Training Bootcamp4 days
NFV Application Development Training Bootcamp3 days
NFV Training for Non Engineers2 days
ONF Certified SDN Associate Certification | OCSA Certification2 days
SDN OpenFlow Training, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Training2 days
SDN Training for Non-Engineers1 day

Network Functions Virtualization

 Network Functions Virtualization Architecture Framework by ETSI

TONEX NFV Training and other Network Transformation Technologies courses provide overview of the NFV architecture, NFV requirements and challenges, enablers in the context of popular network functions such LTE, IMS and VoLTE network functions. The course also discusses the integration of NFV and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. Learn about other TONEX related courses:

  • Network Transformation
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • Cloud, SDN, NFV, API and Big Data
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • OpenStack Cloud
  • Working with OpenFlow
  • Virtualization Fundamentals
  • NFV Application Planning, Design and Engineering Training Bootcamp

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Training – The Foundation NFV Course

NFV is expected to reduce CapEx and OpEX, improve network flexibility, eliminate wasteful overprovisioning, manageability and accelerate time-to-market of new networking services. Learn how Network functions virtualization (NFV) offers a new way to plan, design, deploy and manage networking services in a fully virtualized infrastructure Understand why NFV can reduce CapEx and OpEX for service provider

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the attendees will be able to:

  • Define NFV is in relations to modern network functions
  • Identify NFV key requirements and benefit
  • Understand NFV building blocks and technology architecture
  •  List NFV building blocks: Virtualization of Compute, Network and Storage
  • List the impacts of NFV on LTE and IMS network design, operations and troubleshooting

Course Outlines

  • What is NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)?
  • The Network transformation
  • Business and technology drivers
  • NFV What and Why
  • Motivation behind deploying NFV
  • NFV requirements, benefits and challenges
  • Transitioning to NFV
  • NFV Concepts, architecture, requirements and use cases
  • Proof-of-Concepts and Timeline
  • NFV deployment scenarios
  • NFV applied to LTE, IMS and VoLTE
  • Proof-of-Concepts and Timeline