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Read RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) Frequently Asked Questions and learn more.

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Fundamentals of RADAR and LiDAR Systems2 days
Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Bootcamp3 days
Radar Communications Training2 days
Radar Systems Design and Engineering Training3 days
Radar Systems Training | Fundamental Radar Concepts3 days
Radar FAQ
Radar FAQ
What is RADAR ?

The term “RADAR” was officially coined as an acronym by U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Samuel M. Tucker and F. R. Furth in November 1940 — it stands for Radio Detection and Aiming.

Why is Radar used ?

Radar is used widely. Radar Usage: From DoD to Weather Forecasts. Used in early warning systems to detect objects in the air such as surface-to-air missiles by the military. Aircraft collision avoidance, Used to monitor weather patterns .

What is fundamentals of Automotive radar ?

Gain a working knowledge of automotive radar. In this course, discover all you need to know to effectively use this automotive radar in your applications.

What is advanced radar system ?

Advanced radar technologies are needed to face the problem of complex environments, with changing electromagnetic properties of targets, such as vehicles, ships, buildings and terrain, for different frequencies, polarimetric modes and configurations.

What is Phased-Array Radar Systems ?

A phased array antenna is typically a computer-controlled array of antennas. A phased array is a group of antennas whose effective (summed) radiation pattern can be altered by phasing the signals of the individual elements.

Relation between Fundamentals of RADAR and LiDAR Systems

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) seem to be leading the way in the development of advanced self-driving vehicles including  Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).