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SOW : Statement of Work

statement of work (SOW) is a critical document routinely employed in the field of project management.

Think of a SOW as a project manager’s best friend. It is the narrative description of a project's work requirement. When done right, organizations profit.

SOWs set the stage for future cooperation and is part of a legally binding agreement. Consequently, even a tiny mistake or the slightest misunderstanding can set off an avalanche of issues.

Every project, whether as small as a one-page website or as complicated as a multistory structure, will benefit from a well-crafted SOW.

The SOW is a required project planning document and must include details such as expected results, work schedules, invoicing schedules, work process, and so on.

Once approved, the SOW must be communicated to all stakeholders to prevent any disputes or ambiguities in terms of timelines, budgets, success criteria, and deliverable requirements.

The benefits of a well-constructed SOW are considerable. For example, representing a SOW to a client is a great way to prove your professionalism. It’s also a great way to build qualitative and trusty business relationships.

A well-written statement of work is also just a great way to stand out. It’s no secret that clients always like to have multiple options, so it’s highly important to assert yourself. The SOW helps you to prove that you are serious about what you are doing.

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Did you know? Some people get confused about "SOW." "Statement of Work" or "Scope of Work?" Scope of Work is a part of SOW. Learn more . . .