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Space cybersecurity is being called the new frontier that needs immediate protection. The fact is, all the hardware in space now and in the years to come make for a pretty large potential attack surface, which is connected directly to the internet.


Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP)5 days
Fundamentals of Positioning, Navigation and Timing | PNT Training2 days
Space Mission Systems Engineering Training2 days
Space Systems Engineering Fundamentals2 days
What is Space Cybersecurity ?

It’s all about protecting space. Because on earth, the increased number of self-trained or state-supported hackers, as well as the cheap access to computer technologies, also increases the risk of disruption to Earth-space and space-Earth interactions.  While space technology continues to advance, so does the measure of vulnerability, which makes space cybersecurity more crucial than ever.

What are the types of Space Cybersecurity Hackers ?

Literally, Brute-force attack, Credential Stuffing, Phishing and Spear Phishing, Malware attacks.

What types of Space Cybersecurity are the greatest threats ?

In fact, Social engineering, Ransomware, DDoS attacks, Third party software and Cloud computing vulnerabilities are the biggest threats ever.

Can Space Cybersecurity Career be Good Choice ?

It will be great choice ! The increasing number of space cybersecurity incidents have prompted organizations to recruit millions of cybersecurity specialists. Still the number of efficient candidates are lower than minimum.

Where I can take space cyber courses ?

We at Tonex.Com offers some top quality space cyber courses. See our full list below. Or, visit