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Advanced Embedded Systems Cybersecurity

Embedded systems cybersecurity is a strategic approach to protecting software running on embedded systems from attack.

An embedded system is a programmable hardware component with a minimal operating system and software. Embedded systems are designed to perform a dedicated function or functions.

Like cybersecurity in most IT fields, embedded system cybersecurity requires an end-to-end approach that includes addressing security issues during the design phase.

Security considerations should include the cost of an attack on an embedded system, the cost of an attack and the number of possible attack vectors.

Effective cybersecurity is especially important for embedded systems because embedded devices are prime targets for hacking, as a successful attack can give intruders access to the data produced, received, and processed by them.

This can often have serious ramifications for the larger system being powered by the embedded device such as shutting down an embedded device within the F-15 fighter jet, which collects data from various cameras and sensors, can significantly hamper the jet’s defenses.

Cybersecurity professionals believe the best way to prevent attacks on embedded systems is for software developers to step up and provide essentials, such as:

  • Expect firmware to be updated regularly
  • Limit access to embedded systems to a need-to-use basis
  • Provide a way for network administrators to monitor connections to and from embedded systems
  • Allow integration with third-party security management systems

Other recommendations include:

  • Always have your sensitive data and applications secured with strong cryptographic keys
  • Start your embedded systems with a secure boot
  • Avoid letting Unauthorized Software Access

Advanced Embedded Systems Cybersecurity Course by Tonex

Advanced Embedded Systems Cybersecurity is a 2-day training course workshop. This course will provide a unique learning to explore vulnerabilities in embedded systems that are commonly exploited. Participants will learn about key concepts, techniques, tools, risk assessment and management and strategies for integrating cybersecurity mitigation  and measures into products and systems. Learn the best practices to integrate cybersecurity  into ConOps, requirements, architecture &  design, implementation, verification & validation, and operations &  maintenance processes. Risk Management Framework (RMF) is used during this training. We will apply RMF to embedded systems. Participants will learn how to translate from RMF to Cybersecurity engineering requirements and embedded systems.

Learn how to manage risks by mitigating the threats to acceptable level by a simple easy to understand, embedded system example. We will show you tools for Deriving Security Functional Requirements Traceable to Controls used in RMF.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for engineers, application developers, system designers, embedded system programmers, technical project and product managers and cybersecurity professionals using embedded systems.

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced cybersecurity and threats applied to embedded systems
  • Embedded systems cybersecurity engineering
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF) for embedded systems cybersecurity assessments and control
  • Integrating security into the your systems engineering processes
  • Deriving embedded systems security functional requirements traceable to controls
  • Offensive Hacking/exploitation techniques, tools, and embedded systems vulnerabilities
  • Embedded systems defensive technologies
  • Wireless connectivity vulnerabilities and embedded systems
  • Embedded application, software, RTOS, firmware and hardware analysis
  • Secure embedded systems software/firmware  practices
  • Embedded systems reverse engineering

Course modules/topics

  • Advanced Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Embedded Systems Cybersecurity
  • Embedded Systems Assets, Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • RMF and Security Control Strategies for Embedded Systems Risk Mitigating
  • RMF to Cybersecurity Engineering Requirements
  • Security Requirements Decomposition
  • Embedded Systems Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • RMF Workshop for a Simple Embedded System


  • The changing landscape of healthcare cybersecurity
  • The relationship between security and safety risks
  • Evaluation of Risk to Essential Embedded Systems Performance
  • Management of Cybersecurity in Embedded Systems Guidance
  • Cyber physical assurance framework
  • Defense in depth philosophy for embedded system secure product lifecycle
  • Managing safety and security risk convergence

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