Length: 3 Days
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Agile Programming Workshop

Agile is one of those methodologies that should be experienced in the course of learning about it.

That’s why the hands-on Agile Programming workshop by Tonex is such an excellent learning tool for individuals and organizations seriously considering an agile transformation.

Essentially, agile is a set of techniques to help organizations deliver value faster by responding to changing needs faster. So, rather than trying to learn one “right” way, solve each problem that keeps you from being agile, consistently.

A better way for developing software was the original intent behind the creation of agile as stated in the Agile Manifesto. Since then, the agile methodology has been applied to management principles in general.

Some advocates of agile recommend each time you do something to use the manifesto as a framework to help be more agile. Ask questions such as:

  • How can I collaborative better with my team / suppliers / vendors?
  • Is what I’m doing helping me deliver working software (or products or services) or am I just being busy? Is the document I am writing really useful and valuable for the audience? How can it be more useful? What can I leave out without losing meaning / context?
  • Am I serving the customer better / providing a better customer experience with what I’m doing?
  • Is this the best way to do this? Or am I just doing it because that’s how it’s been done? How can I make it easier / better / more useful?

Also be aware that agile is an umbrella term for various techniques and methodologies that are used to deliver specific results in projects. IT companies always have to be agile. Many companies are shifting from traditional project management to more agile environments.

Many today feel that agile is not a tool, process, or methodology so much as a mindset or culture – in other words, a way of working.

The best way to embrace agile or any mindset is through training followed up by lots of practice.

Agile Programming Workshop, Agile Programming Training Workshop

Agile Programming Workshop, Agile Programming Training Workshop is a 3-day hands-on agile programming workshop. In this three day agile programming workshop course, learn the agile thinking and framework and how to apply agile to your software and system projects, Learn about the changes necessary to implement agile in your projects and programs.

Agile Programming Workshop is taught by world class instructors who meld real world experience with specialized contemporary knowledge.

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Agile Programming Workshop

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