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Length: 2 Days
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Applied System Thinking Training Course by TONEX

Applied System Thinking is a workshop-style 2-day training class that exposes the attendees to the fundamentals of Systems Thinking. Learn how to combine system thinking utilizing methods in human-centered design.

The Applied System Thinking course introduces concepts and tools of applied systems thinking and how to interrogate the dynamics of the system, understand the stakeholders and their needs, and understand the methods and actions for problem solving and decision making.

Exercises, workshops and case studies are emphasized to form the basis of experiential learning and the foundation for Design Thinking processes.

Project managers, program managers, systems engineers, engineers and other professionals will develop the skills they need to think effectively about the complex systems they work with or have to develop.

Key outcomes of System Thinking would be the effect on the formal systems-engineering roles and new capabilities to see the whole picture and the connections across system of Systems, systems, subsystem and organizational boundaries.

Learn about:

  • The system and its context
  • Systems Thinking principles
  • Basic System Thinking concepts such as: complexity, interrelationships (interfaces), context, emergence, and holism
  • Classifying Systems thinking as a way of thinking about the whole
  • Using System thinking as a skill leveraged to avoid potential future problems
  • Understanding dynamic system behavior, identifying feedback processes, finding and explaining patterns of system behavior
  • Identifying ways in which to influence that behavior and innovation
  • Understanding the limitations of systems models, interpreting and influencing non-linear processes
  • Recognizing time delays between systems inputs and outputs
  • Use of tools and experience to consider the technical and social component and interactions of a system of systems (SoS), systems, and associated systems thinking with problem solving and brainstorming activities

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