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Business Writing Skills Training

Business Writing Skills Training provides you with the best practices that anyone need to know to write clear, successful, professional business documents, containing e-mail, memos, letters, and reports. You will learn a systematic technique of writing that facilitate writing and leads your audience through the content.

Business Writing Skills Training delivers fundamental styles and methods for facing any form of writing task—and interacting with your audience about what they really need to know. You will learn the methods to evaluate your writing style and establish goals to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your written material.

Business Writing Skills Training covers both theoretical and practical aspects of business writing. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own project or they can use the real-world project samples provided by our instructors. Participants will experience what they are taught via group activities and hands-on workshops.

Effective business writing skills go a long way to help organizations as well as individuals stand out from the crowd.

Business writing skill are important because they are demonstrated in a wide range of applications including letters, emails, case studies, sales materials, social media updates, company brochures, reports and business documents.

First and foremost, business writing skills reflect effective business communications. Business correspondence helps a company connect with partners and stakeholders. Everything you write must be tailored in a proficient, comprehensive, and informative way. Thus, the receivers will clearly understand your message.

If a text is poorly written and structured, the subordinates will have troubles with deciphering it. The message also stands a good chance of being misinterpreted.

Business writing skills have always been important, but in today’s age of technology, they are even more so.

Being able to accurately and succinctly convey what you are trying to say is an invaluable skill, especially when your audience is busy and has limited time. In addition, careless mistakes in business writing can have a negative impact on business negotiations, etc.

Take business writing skills applied to WhatsApp or company email. Most people aren’t willing to put in the time to sit down and read through a novel-length email or message, so the writing needs to be tight, succinct, and grab the reader’s attention in the first couple lines.

The challenge with making things more concise is preserving the clarity of the message that you are trying to convey. When trying to make something as short as possible, the true meaning of what you are saying can easily be lost.

In a world of 140 character tweets and sound bites, what you are saying needs to be both clear and concise.

But the most obvious reason that good business writing is important is that it will give your company credibility.

If you lack good writing skills, you may seem less intelligent or less qualified than your competition, and if your writing has obvious mistakes, potential customers will not feel confident in paying money for your services.

Good business writing inspires confidence in you and your business. With impending deadlines and spellcheck, it is easy to get careless and make mistakes, but in order to establish credibility and trustworthiness, each piece of writing must be well-written.

Business Writing Skills Training Course Description

Business Writing Skills Training

Why Do You Need Business Writing Skills Training?

Through this training, you will adopt effective writing practices that benefit both your professional image and the image of your organization. You will gain many benefits including:

  • Quick decision making process
  • Finishing projects are faster and more efficiently
  • Sharing information comprehensively among relevant people
  • Reducing misunderstanding and communication issues
  • Customers feel appreciated
  • Quickly arrange your ideas and produce content
  • Remove multiple time-consuming revisions
  • You’ll generate concise content

Learn About

  • Styles and formulas for diverse writing requirements
  • Reap familiarity with strong openings and closings to attract and maintain attention
  • Thinking rationally by obstructive ideas and constructing your document via modeling information
  • Determining your reader’s demands and prospects to set up the purpose and focus
  • Arrange opinion and producing content
  • How /when/what to use the right tone, persuading and positive and negative terms
  • Methods for editing and proofreading the final version


Business writing skills training is a 2-day course designed for business individuals at all levels who are interested in a fast and easy way to effective business writing.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of business writing skills training, the attendees are able to:

  • Arrange their ideas and opinions fast to develop content
  • Remove multiple time-intensive revisions
  • Rationalize content and share what their audience expect to know
  • Write clear
  • Apply effective and appropriate writing style based on the nature of the writing and audience
  • Write fluently with a strong start and closure
  • Edit and proofread their own writing
  • Develop writing skills to transfer a credible message
  • Construct precise messages via a systematic writing process
  • Tailor their writing style based on their audience’s needs
  • Fine-tune language to enhance persuasion and influence
  • Improve email communication by creating clear messages

Course Outline

Overview of Business Writing Skills

  • What does business writing cover?
  • Main benefits of business writing
  • How to increase business writing effectiveness
  • Determining key communication issues
  • Improving the professional image
  • Enhancing career choice
  • Business writing process elements
  • How to adapt to the audience?

 Constructing Your Documents

  • Recognizing the macro configuration of business documents
    • Dealing with the business document paradox
    • Categorizing various forms of business documents
  • Creating the micro configuration template
    • Identifying main topics
    • Constructing raw material
    • Arranging information to highlight gaps

 Writing Reports To Consider Business Issues

  • Identifying the business impact
    • Describing the requirements for a quality business document
    • Determining the business effect of the problem
    • Displaying the significance of confronting the situation
  • Recommending solutions
    • Performing efficient research
    • Using decision-making requirements

Highlighting Benefits to the Audience

  • Making it simple to your readers to understand
    • Managing paragraphs via topic sentences
    • Integrating your readers’ words
    • Preventing synonyms
  • Arranging your information
    • Writing effective headings
    • Decreasing inferential load
    • Constructing sentences to signal benefits

How to Persuade Your Readers

  • Improving your writing to enhance persuasiveness
    • Attaching your writing to the decision-making strategies
    • Making reliable claims
    • Preventing generalization
    • Impacting your audience to appreciate your ideas
    • Developing an effective executive outline
  • Presenting information
    • Enhancing bulleted lists via demonstrating words in tables
    • Emphasizing options to assist quick decision-making
    • Arranging business solutions
    • Contradicting opposition

Communicating What You Really Mean via E-mail

  • Writing clearly
    • Ranking your subject
    • Enhancing word choice
    • Distinguishing between active vs. passive voice
    • Removing pronouns and modifiers
  • Writing concisely
    • Selecting a format suitable for audience and context
    • Modifying to heighten influence
  • A professional techniques to e-mail
    • Appreciating readers’ time, interest and capability to focus
    • Terminating flame wars
    • Creating appropriate subject lines

TONEX Hands-On Workshop Sample

  • Recognizing who is your audience
  • Explore their expectations and needs
  • Developing for clarity and reviewing for conciseness
  • Making effective email communication
  • Developing prioritization matrices
  • Drafting an effective Executive Summary
  • Generating a report via an end-to-end writing process

Business Writing Skills Training

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