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Car Hacking Training Workshop Training by Tonex

Car Cyber Threats and Digital Forensics Training

Car Hacking Training Workshop is a 3-day training program. This comprehensive Car Hacking Training course by Tonex is designed to equip cybersecurity professionals, automotive engineers, and enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, detect, and mitigate vulnerabilities in modern vehicles’ electronic systems.

With the increasing connectivity and automation in vehicles, the risk of cyberattacks has surged, making it essential to grasp the intricacies of car hacking and safeguard critical automotive systems.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of automotive electronic systems and their vulnerabilities.
  • Learn various car hacking techniques, including remote attacks and physical access exploits.
  • Gain proficiency in reverse engineering automotive software and hardware components.
  • Discover strategies for detecting and mitigating car hacking threats.
  • Explore ethical hacking methodologies specific to the automotive industry.
  • Develop the skills necessary to contribute to automotive cybersecurity research and development efforts.

Audience: This Car Hacking Training is ideal for:

  • Cybersecurity professionals seeking to specialize in automotive security.
  • Automotive engineers and developers aiming to enhance the security of their vehicle systems.
  • Ethical hackers interested in exploring the unique challenges of car hacking.
  • Government and law enforcement personnel involved in automotive cybersecurity.
  • Anyone passionate about understanding and mitigating car hacking risks.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Automotive Electronics

  • Overview of modern automotive electronic systems
  • Key components and architecture of electronic control units (ECUs)
  • Communication protocols in vehicles
  • Integration of connectivity and automation in automotive technology
  • Understanding the significance of automotive cybersecurity
  • Regulatory and industry standards for automotive security

Car Hacking Fundamentals

  • Types of car hacking attacks: remote, physical, and wireless
  • Attack vectors and common vulnerabilities in vehicles
  • Accessing vehicle networks and control systems
  • Exploring real-world car hacking case studies
  • Threat modeling and risk assessment in automotive cybersecurity
  • Hands-on exercises: Identifying vulnerabilities in a simulated vehicle environment

Reverse Engineering Automotive Software and Hardware

  • Techniques for reverse engineering vehicle firmware and software
  • Analyzing automotive network traffic
  • Dissecting ECU firmware and code analysis
  • Identifying security flaws through binary analysis
  • Practical exercises: Reverse engineering ECU firmware and software

Detection and Mitigation of Car Hacking Threats

  • Intrusion detection systems (IDS) for vehicles
  • Implementing secure coding practices in automotive development
  • Responding to car hacking incidents and data breaches
  • Secure over-the-air (OTA) updates for vehicle software
  • Conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Hands-on exercises: Implementing security measures in a vehicle network

Ethical Hacking in the Automotive Industry

  • Ethical hacking methodologies specific to automotive systems
  • Penetration testing tools and techniques for vehicles
  • Responsible disclosure and reporting of vulnerabilities
  • Collaborative efforts within the automotive cybersecurity community
  • Preparing for automotive security certification and compliance
  • Final project: Conducting a comprehensive car hacking assessment

Advanced Topics in Car Hacking

  • Exploiting emerging vulnerabilities in connected vehicles
  • Securing autonomous driving systems
  • Future trends in automotive cybersecurity
  • Research and development in automotive security
  • Preparing for a career in automotive cybersecurity
  • Course conclusion and certification awards

Participants will leave this Car Hacking Training with practical skills, a deep understanding of automotive security, and the confidence to address the evolving challenges posed by car hacking in today’s interconnected automotive landscape.

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