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Length: 2 Days
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Competitive Assessment Training Workshop

Root Cause Failure Analysis with FMEA and FTA Training by Tonex

Competitive Assessment Training Workshop Description

Competitive assessment training workshop determines the competitive position of the contractor team for a particular opportunity and begins development of strategy, tactics and themes that will support a winning proposal. In addition, this workshop will identify gaps in the team’s capabilities that may need to be filled by additional teaming.

The competitive assessment training workshop will help you to make smarter business decisions, based on the situation of the market.

This workshop also will help you to filter the flood of data you face with everyday in order to choose what is essential to make effective market knowledge. Then, at this workshop, we will teach you how to use the filtered data to develop and execute a successful marketplace strategy.

No matter how much data we receive everyday, unless we have the knowledge and skills of using these data towards our needs, the data has no meaning. Once raw data is collected, skillful people can analyze, communicate, and generate the intelligence that can help our organization to beat the competitors in the market. Through the competitive assessment training workshop, we will train you to develop the skills necessary to analyze the market information and produce intelligence.


The competitive assessment training workshop is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Mid-level and senior executives
  • Product and planning managers
  • Marketing personnel
  • All individuals who are or will be involved in business intelligence
  • Competitive intelligent analysts
  • Market researchers
  • Business development managers
  • Pricing analysts

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of the competitive assessment training workshop, the attendees are able to:

  • Determine their competitors
  • Analyze their current marketplace strategies
  • Identify their potential marketplace in future
  • Evaluate their value chains, assets, capabilities, and infrastructure
  • Use their assessment to make smarter and quicker development and execution
  • Identify and track important competitors indicators
  • Apply the above indicators to know and anticipate their current and future competitors’ strategies, intentions, assumptions, and actions
  • Understand the dynamics of customers, channels, suppliers, and marketplace through the competitors assessment
  • Make smarter, more effective, and more profitable decisions based on the market assessment information
  • Identify critical issues
  • Perform strategic and scenario assessments
  • Describe “intelligent” organizations
  • Choose the most informative sources
  • Build new channels of information
  • Implement intelligence in policy formation

Course Outline

An Overview Of The Market And Competitive Assessment

  • Definition of competitive assessment
  • Definition of data, information, and intelligent and their differences
  • Assessment’s purposes
  • Potential assessment pitfalls and ways to avoid them
  • Porter Five Force Model

The Principles Of Competitive Intelligence

  • Terminology
  • Processes
  • Applications and specifics
  • Value chains
  • Ethical and legal issues

Introduction To Analytical Methods

  • Determining the competitive and the market situation
  • Competitors profiling and portfolios
  • Financial analysis
  • Timeline and SWOT assessments

Assessment’s Sectors

  • Marketplace strategies
  • Value chains
  • Assumptions
  • Networks
  • Capabilities
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Implement the information into future policies

Best Practices

  • Time is crucial
  • Universal sweep
  • Stay neutral
  • Follow and flow with the information
  • Challenge the traditional thought process
  • Be ethical
  • Partner with risk management
  • Human intelligence
  • Infrastructure before software

Counter Intelligence

  • Don’t reveal too much
  • Contain the information flow
  • False signaling
  • Be unpredictable
  • Beware of intelligence attacks
  • Go for counter-attack

Incorporating Assessments Into Decision Making

  • Drawing inferences from analysis
  • Connecting the analysis to strategy improvement
  • Integrating the information into the future decisions
  • Creating protocols to connect the people of your organization to others in the market
  • Developing protocols to collect information
  • Creating and maintaining the gathered data and data sources

How To Implement A Competitive Intelligence System Into Your Business

  • Elements of success
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Evolution and analysis

Competitive Assessment Training Workshop

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