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Configuration Management Training, managing Equipment, Systems, Ships,  Submarines, Carriers, and Shore Activities

Configuration Management Training course covers all the configuration Equipment, Systems, Ships,  Submarines, Carriers, and Shore Activities.

Configuration Management (CM) is the application and best program practices to establish and maintain consistency of a product’s, system’s or system of systems (SoS)’s attributes with its requirements and evolving technical baseline over its life.

Configuration management is a management discipline provides visibility into and to control changes to performance and functional and physical characteristics applied over the product’s life cycle. Improper configuration management could result in incorrect, ineffective, and/or unsafe products being released.  Configuration management is a key systems engineering practice that provides visibility of a true representation of a product and attains the product’s integrity by controlling the changes made to the baseline configuration and tracking such changes. Configuration management ensures that the configuration of a product is known and reflected in product information, that any product change is beneficial and is effected without adverse consequences, and that changes are managed.

CM reduces technical risks by ensuring correct product configurations, distinguishes among product versions, ensures consistency between the product and information about the product, and avoids the embarrassment cost of stakeholder dissatisfaction and complaint.

CM involves interaction among government and contractor program functions such as systems engineering, hardware/software engineering, specialty engineering, logistics, contracting, and production in an Integrated Product Team (IPT) environment.

The Program Manager (PM) is responsible Configuration Management (CM) on their project or program. The program manager should use configuration management to establish and mature the technical, functional and Acquisition Program Baseline throughout the acquisition and system life cycle. The Program Manager shall also assume the control of the initial product baseline at the Critical Design Review (CDR) for all Class 1 configuration changes.

Learning Objectives

This course provides guidance to DoD managers assigned the responsibility for configuration management on how to ensure the application of product and data configuration management to defense materiel items, in each phase of their life cycle.

Acquisition practices, including the manner in which CM is specified in a contract, and the
process of monitoring contractor application are evolving as the result of two interacting transitions.

Course Agenda

Principles of Configuration Management (CM)

  • Production, Quality & Manufacturing
  • Equipment, Systems, Ships, Submarines, Carriers, and Shore Activities
  • Configuration Items (CI)
  • CM activities
  • Identifying, defining, and baselining configuration items
  • Controlling modifications and releases of configuration items
  • Reporting and recording status of configuration items
  • Managing requested modifications
  • Completeness, consistency, and correctness of configuration items
  • Controlling storage, handling, and delivery of the configuration
  • Effective CM provides the following essential benefits to a project:

DoD Configuration Management Process Model Overview

  • Configuration Management Standards and Resources
  • Technical management discipline of software and hardware
  • Technical management functions
  • Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) –
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
  • ISO 9000
  • Prince2 project management methodology
  • COBIT, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG)
  • MIL-HDBK-61A “Configuration Management Guidance” – 7 February 2001
  • MIL-STD-1916, “DOD Preferred Methods for Acceptance of Product”
  • NAVAIR Configuration Management Policy Manual – 21 Dec 2016
  • Navy Configuration Management Advisor
  • Software Configuration Management
  • GSA Acquisition Manual “Configuration Management”

Configuration Management Best Practices

  • Solutions / life-cycle support
  • Deployed & deploying maintenance & logistics systems
  • Functional & CDA support for Configuration Data Managers Database-Open Architecture (CDMD-OA)
  • Navy Data Environment (NDE)
  • Technical Data Management Information System (TDMIS)
  • Functional Requirements for CDMD-OA
  • Revised Alternative Dataflow Web site (RADWEB)
  • Tier 3 & 4 Helpdesk support & Training services
  • Configuration Data Manager (CDM)
  • In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA)
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • CM LEAN initiatives, working groups
  • Integrated Product Teams (IPTs)
  • Lead CDM for the standardization of CDM procedures
  • Maintenance Figures Of Merit (MFOM) support
  • Fleet PM for Navy Integrated Lifecycle Product Support Center (NILPSC) PDM project

Configuration Life Cycle Management and Planning

  • Management and Planning Concepts
  • CM Functional Activity
  • Relation to Systems Engineering Process
  • Relation to Logistics Process

Government Management and Planning Activities

  • Implementing the Government CM Process
  • Measuring/Evaluating Government/Contractor CM Process
  • Effect Process Improvement & Document Lessons Learned
  • CM Implementation over the Program Life Cycle

Configuration Identification

  • Configuration Identification Activity
  • Product Structure
  • Configuration Items
  • Configuration Documentation
  • Configuration Baselines
  • Document and Item Identification
  • Engineering Release
  • Interface Management

Configuration Control

  • Configuration Control Activity
  • Engineering Change Proposal
  • Request for Deviation
  • Notice of Revision

Configuration Status Accounting

  • Configuration Status Accounting Activity
  • CSA Concepts and Principles
  • CSA Activity Guides

Configuration Verification and Audit

  • Configuration Verification and Audit Activity
  • Configuration Verification and Audit Concepts and Principles
  • Configuration Verification and Audit Activity Guides

Data Management

  • CM Related Data Management Activity
  • CM Related Data Management Concepts and Principles
  • Document Identification
  • Data Status Level Management
  • Data and Product Configuration Relationships
  • Data Version Control
  • Digital Data Transmittal
  • Data Access Control
  • Data Management Activity Guides
  • Document Identification
  • Configuration Management Data Acquisition Guidance

Workshop: Configuration Management and Navy Data Environment (NDE) Projects

  • Equipment, Systems, Ships, Submarines, Carriers, and Shore Activities
  • Configuration Items (CI)
  • LS Certification Module development
  • NDE-NM – Original FMP integration module including FMP Reports, program & execution modules / software maintenance & integration
  • AMPS – Afloat Master Planning System module / Integrates Readiness Response Plans to the alteration planning processes
  • NDE-ILS – Automates ILS Certification & tracking of deliverables processes for Surface, Aircraft Carriers & Submarines
  • NDE-EP – Primary management tool for SCDs & the SHIPMAIN Entitled process
  • NDE-SPIDER – Integration of SPAWAR Modernization processes
  • NDE-NTIRA – Risk Assessment Tool integration with NDE-NM / AMPS data
  • NDE Tier 3 & 4 Helpdesk Support
  • ILS tracking for availabilities capability
  • PEO Ships Program Manager Representative On-Site Logistics Representative (PMR OSLR) Training & Certification Program





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