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DRBFM Training | Design Review Based on Failure Modes Training By TONEX

Design Review Based on Failure Modes Training Course Description

DRBFM Training | Design Review Based on Failure Modes Training

TONEX Design Review Based on Failure Models (DRBFM) training course will cover all the methodologies, concepts, and practices of DRBFM to achieve specific steps. This hands-on workshop will teach you how formal Design Reviews combined with some new development methods can enhance the design of products. Such improvement occurs through discovering potential issues before they actually happen at a later stage, at a higher fixing cost. Therefore, it is fair to say that DRBFM training can not only improves the products design and quality but also it saves the companies time and money.

What is DRBFM?

DRBFM is a technique concentrated on change management and nonstop, permanent improvement. This tool, first developed by TOYOTA, was built on the philosophy that problems demonstrate in design when existing engineering designs change somehow, while they already have been proven effective. DRBFM focuses on failure prevention on early stages and depends on engineering knowledge. Through this methodology, lead engineers record their concerns among which those open for discussion and resolution get brainstormed without any actionable closure. In the DRBFM seminar, we will explain all the details and steps of DRBFM you would need to know in order to develop and execute it at your workplace.

The TONEX DRBFM workshop will also explain various roles and responsibilities including management, design engineers, production engineers, process development engineers, facilitators, and other technical experts. We will teach you the theory and the logic behind this technique and how to develop a thought process that lead your team through the steps of DRBFM. TONEX DRBFM training includes many in-class activities including hands on exercises, case studies and workshops. During the DRBFM workshops, students bring in their own design work and issues and through our coaching, develop their own DRBFM.


The TONEX design review based on failure models (DRBFM) training is a 1-day course designed for:

  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Product engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Validation and test engineers
  • Managers leading any of the above teams

 Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the TONEX DRBFM training course, attendees are able to:

  • Understand and describe the relationship between the engineering and management knowledge
  • Plan all the main steps of DRBFM
  • Establish requirements for an effective DRBFM
  • Discuss the analysis requirements
  • Prepare material for DRBFM analysis
  • Handle the two phases of DRBFM
  • Record all the design, validation, and production actions
  • Provide a feedback loop into engineering knowledge documents
  • Discuss the goals of the DRBFM
  • Create DRBFM worksheets
  • Gain and maintain consistency and proficiency of DRBFM
  • Answer or know where to look for answers to DRBFM questions
  • Explain the form of reviews and their timing

Course Outline

Background and Overview of DRBFM Methodology

  • History of developing DRBFM
  • Definition
  • Philosophy
    • Good Design
    • Good Discussion
    • Good Dissection
  • Proficiency
  • Purpose

Why DRBFM Is Crucial to Product Development Process?

  • Market and quality
  • Timing and cost
  • Litigation

DRBFM Road Map

  • DRBFM process
  • Example

What Is The Scope of Design Reviews?

  • Difference between design reviews and gate reviews
  • Key elements of an effective review
  • Formal vs informal reviews
  • Implementing a review

 DRBFM Hands-On Workshop

Part I- Engineering Assessment

  • Change point analysis
  • Identifying the concerns
  • Causes
  • Identifying the impacts of these concerns
  • Listing those that are open for discussion
  • Prioritizing the list
  • Collecting engineering knowledge
  • Getting the management approval

Part II- How to Organize A DRBFM

  • Establishing roles and responsibilities
  • Selecting the team
  • Getting ready for the DRBFM
  • The “to do list” to achieve specific steps of a DRBFM
  • Duration of a DRBFM

Part III- How to Execute a DRBFM

  • How to handle conflicts
  • Closure and follow-up
  • Document everything to use it in knowledge development

Part IV- Post DRBFM Actions

  • Design
  • Validation
  • Production
  • Feedback circle

Design Review Based on Failure Modes Training

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