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Effective Networking Training for Women

Effective Networking Training for Women Course Description

Effective networking training for women helps women to define clear, plausible, and realistic steps towards the building a successful network in their professional and personal lives, while they also develop the skills and knowledge required to take such steps.

How many times have you returned from a social event and thought it has been a waste of time? Time is precious so it is crucial to get the most from your time you spend networking. In particular, as women, we often shy away from conversations involved strangers. We sometimes are not confident enough to initiate any kind of socializing with the people we meet for the first time. This is most likely because of the gender-biased background of the society that had discouraged women from talking to the people of the friends and family circles. Another reason is because, in the past, men used to not taking women seriously when it came to business, politics, and economics. Such poor behavior over time has seriously affected women’s conscious to articulate and stand by their opinions before a group of people. Therefore, they have been left out of the most networks. Effective networking training for women teaches you how to network like a pro.

Critical Factors in Building Effective Network for Women

  • Active participation
  • Firm infrastructure
  • Construct a strong business case
  • Questioning and listening
  • Following up after an event

Why Do You Need Effective Networking Training

  • It provides you understanding into networking
  • It fosters more effective networking
  • It teaches the dynamics of networking
  • It helps you be more comfortable and assured
  • It gives you advanced influencing skills
  • It helps you talk more easily with people
  • It allows you to be self-assured with experts and authorities
  • It enables you to sell yourself as you deserve
  • It inspires you to promote your business
  • It helps you to overcome gender-biases and shortages
  • It helps you to not fear from initiating socializing
  • Networking is a life skill and it’s crucial to develop such skill

TONEX Training Feature

  • Highly interactive presentation
  • Many practical tactics and approaches
  • Individual and group activities, including role plays
  • Participants will share related examples from their own personal experience


Effective networking training for women is a 2-day course suitable for all female professionals who wish to improve their networking skills in the both personal and professional aspects.

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of effective networking training for women, the attendees are able to:

  • Enter a room and approach others with confidence
  • Present curiosity in a genial way to attract others towards them
  • Deliver a succinct, memorable message about themselves and their firm
  • Avoid getting stuck with one person at a social event
  • Identify those who they can and can’t do business with
  • Become aware of the impression you make from the first handshake
  • Plan their strategy to their next networking event
  • Value the significance of networking, and different forms of networking
  • Comprehend the dynamics of communication specific to networking
  • Become more assertive and secure when ‘working’ a room
  • Advance their influencing skills, especially with people who are experts and in positions of authority
  • ‘Sell’ themselves and promote their company
  • Pass by the gender-biased “looks” and “signs” with confidence and not let they discourage them from networking
  • Manage their profiles by using properly online social networking sites
  • Use efficient follow-up to sustain active contacts and connections
  • Select the correct networking groups, clubs and events
  • Create their own personal network
  • Build a cross gender network, while taking the most advantage of their female networks
  • Understand the connection between effective networking and managing a strategic network
  • Derive strong networks, both within their organization & externally
  • Boost their confidence to enjoy networking
  • Handle sexually inappropriate sides of networking
  • Leverage their relationships for mutual benefit
  • Build their influence and a credible profile

Course Outline


  • What is networking?
  • Why do we need to develop skill around networking?
  • Effective networking characteristics
  • The importance and different types of networking
    • Personal objectives and introductions
    • Test networking session

Understanding the Room and Working it

  • Preparing for a networking event
  • Figuring out who is there and why
  • Reaching out to individuals with confidence and plan
  • Remembering names
  • Things you should know before attending any event
  • Non-verbal communication and art of empathy
  • Breaking the ice

Attracting People’s Attention

  • Asking good questions
  • When to talk
  • How to draw people in
  • Managing first impressions and having personality
  • Telling your story with the highest influence

The Power of the Listening Networker

  • Listening more, talking less strategy
  • Effective questioning and active listening
  • Creating a natural and engaging conversation, 1-2-1 and in a larger group

Assumptions When Networking

  • How to trust your gut when seeing people the first time?
  • What assumptions are you making?
  • Keeping an open mind

Business Networking Etiquette

  • Meeting and greeting at a business networking event
  • Reaching out to complete strangers and introducing yourself
  • Socializing: joining and leaving groups easily
  • Making a good first impression in 30 seconds
  • Use silence and pauses to good effect
  • Making it relevant
  • Looking for the needs
  • Listen for unspoken needs
  • Knowledge of their business

The Use of Status When Networking

  • Gaining confidence
  • Effective influencing
  • Feeling and behaving more assertively
  • Communicating upwards
  • Not being manipulated
  • Setting clear boundaries for others

Referrals and Following Up

  • Asking for referrals without coming off offensive
  • Developing a sense of mutuality and respect
  • Asking for cards and contact details
  • Following up and managing relationships post-event
  • Maintaining a good database
  • Developing a contact strategy with different types and levels of contact
  • How to analyze your contact base
  • Some tips and tricks

Effective Networking Training for Women

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