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Effective Team Communication Workshop Training

Effective Team Communication Workshop Training Course Description

Effective team communication workshop training course is designed to help solve the existing communication challenges among people of a team and avoid any potential miscommunication in the future. Unless a team is completely focused on and aligned with the organizational goals, success will not be reached. Such unity is accomplished only through true communication.

Effective teams reflect effective communication skills. While most of us believe we are good in communication, and in most cases we are, then why as a team we face multiple miscommunications? Which ring is missing in the chain of our skills that results in not being able to function as a team player? Effective team communication workshop training helps you identify your weakness in communication and then transform it into strength. Effective team communication workshop course also helps you gain useful insight on your behavior styles and communication patterns and then learn new techniques to apply to get better results.

Differences among people are inevitable in a team and it is up to the people to let the differences be a problem and weakness or a tool to success.  Proper communicational skills ensure that the differences function as the diversity necessary to productivity and innovation.  Effective team communication workshop course brightens such differences and teaches you how to employ them towards your organizational goals. Therefore, instead of having friction and confusion within the team caused by differences, we show you the strategies and methods to take advantage of the differences and minimize the unpleasantness in time of stress.

To sum up, through effective team communication workshop training course, we teach you communication, team-working, and leadership skills to help you enjoy working with each other, work effectively together as a team, communicate and cooperate with other people in other departments, and develop a stronger and more effective relationship with your managers and supervisors.


Effective team communication workshop training is a 2-day course suitable for

  • All the individuals working with others as a team or a group
  • Those whose work require direct interactions with other staff, stakeholders, clients, and even vendors.
  • The leaders who are planning to create a new group or department.
  • Teachers and mid-level managers

Training Objectives

Upon completion of effective team communication workshop training, the trainees are able to:

  • Identify different decision making styles as a team member
  • Recognize their individual communication style and how it can possibly lead to a conflict in the group
  • Cope with team conflict by learning how to employ the conflict to get to creativity
  • Send, receive, and process information within the team to be most productive
  • Foster coherence and effectiveness of the team
  • Build trust with other team members
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication to increase individual and group productivity
  • Work with other team members more harmoniously with less friction and conflict
  • Face with criticisms from other team members in professional manner and employ their comments and feedback to improve their works
  • Feel secure to express their comments and opinions in the group without the fear of being judged or shut down by other members
  • Increase constructive and effective communication with other team members

Training Outline

Overview to Effective Team Communication

  • What is the definition of a team or group?
  • Team or group?
  • Team communication, an essential element to success

Teams and Groups

  • Different types of group
  • What are the reasons to form a team
  • Advantages and disadvantages of group
  • Team membership
    • Security
    • Task complexity
    • Social interaction
    • Propinquity
    • Exchange
  • Group vs. individual performance

Synergy and Social l: Loafing

  • Definition of social loafing
  • Factors to increase loafing
  • Factors to decrease loafing

Team Decision-Making

  • Orientation
  • Conflict
  • Brainstorming
  • Emergence
  • Re-enforcement

Roles People Play at a Team

  • Task roles
    • Brainstormer
    • Expert
    • Judge
    • Devil’s advocate
    • Representative
    • Implementer
    • Ringmaster
    • Memory
  • Socio-emotional tasks
    • Encourager
    • Peacemaker
    • Tension reliever
    • Confronter
  • Destructive roles
    • Husher
    • Personaliser
    • Recognition seeker
    • Blocker
    • Shelver
    • Distractor
    • Aggressor
    • Shadow
    • Special-interest pleader

Norms of the Group

  • Formal group norms
  • Informal group norms
  • Destructive group norms
    • The group thinking
    • The abilene paradox

Silos: The Clash of Stereotypes

  • Self-perception
  • Perception by others

Stages of Group Development

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing
  • Adjourning

How to Make Teams Really work?

  • Organizational pyramid
  • Systematic view of team development
  • Characteristics of effectively functioning teams

Effective Teams

  • Clear purpose
  • Creative thinking
  • Focused efforts
  • Open communication
  • Harmonic decision making
  • Conflict resolution

Conflicts in Teams/Groups

  • Sources of conflict
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Managing conflicts

Effective Meetings

  • Check-points
  • Focus
  • Procedures
  • Participation
  • Closing
  • Follow-up

Networking as a Team

  • All-channel
  • Chain
  • Wheel

Common Illusions of Team Working

  • Teams are capable of accomplishing anything
  • Effective teams are absolutely task-oriented
  • Good teams do not need leaders
  • After all, everybody belongs to a team
  • Teams are responsible

Effective Team Communication Workshop Training

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