Length: 2 Days
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Executive Leadership Seminar

Leadership begins with self-leadership—we cannot lead others unless we can lead ourselves.

The decisions we make are never purely economic or technical, but moral—to lead effectively, we need time and space to clarify and test our values.

Wisdom in leadership is the capacity to make trade-offs among competing positions—we must understand the tensions among the values that drive choices in our world.

The world changes, and organizations must adapt. Effective leadership understands that the digital revolution is empowering customers, fueling disruptive innovation and globalization of markets. In the wake of these challenges, firms that are customer-centric thrive.

Learn how leaders successfully infuse a customer-centric perspective throughout an organization, generate value, build brands with meaning, and offer exceptional customer experiences to win in the digital age.

If you’re seeking to propel your organization and career forward faster, this dynamic seminar will take you on an intensive, comprehensive leadership journey designed to spur your individual growth and elevate your leadership capabilities.

Our highly interactive, live virtual Executive Leadership Seminar positions the high-performing, emerging leader to make bold career moves, laying the foundation for general management and leadership of the broader business. Through an exploration of strategic business functions you will immerse yourself in how to lead in a complex, competitive, global market.

Our premise at Tonex:

Leaders make better decisions when they clarify their values, understand why others hold different values or priorities, and recognize how to navigate the tensions among values in their own roles and organizations. Our Executive Leadership seminar provides participants with stronger tools for wrestling with the competing demands of their leadership positions.

The seminar’s highly immersive, dynamic learning experience creates a space for truly individualized personal and professional development on a range of subjects, such as:

  • Basic assumptions about human nature
  • Identity and the rise of individualism
  • The competing polarities of efficiency and community
  • Navigating leadership values in tension
  • Exploring the values, convictions and habits that drive effective leadership

Who Should Attend

Our Executive Leadership Seminars draw people from many different sectors who are at different points in their careers. However, most participants are either in a management or leadership position at their organization.

This seminar is perfect for executive or high potential non-executives from the corporate, nonprofit, government, and military sectors. Our curated mix of professional background, different levels of leadership responsibility, diversity of geography and cultural background, and age creates a rich mosaic of perspectives which challenges assumptions, provides deeper insight, broadens networks, and fosters genuine friendships.

Our seminar is also a good fit for people who have been in leadership roles in the past but who are now at a transition point in their career.

Executive Leadership Seminar by Tonex

Tonex has created a full complement of executive education programs to meet the professional development goals of the entire leadership team for career advancement to seasoned C-suite executives seeking new insight into today’s complex technological and cultural challenges.

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