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Length: 2 Days
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TONEX Frameworx training (eTOM training) provides the details behind the standards for development and deployment of OSS/BSS (Operations/Business Support Systems). This course is intended to provide an overview of Frameworx and its key components.

  • TONEX is a member of TMForum

Who Should Attend

Those who require knowledge of the evolution of the TeleManagement Forum's initiatives. Suitable for telecom professionals, Managers and Sales Staff requiring thorough NGOSS, eTOM and SID, TAM, TNA knowledge.


Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand TM Forum Strategic Direction
  • Understand four NGOSS frameworks eTOM, SID, TAM and TNA, and the inherent relationship between them
  • Identify all the components of Frameworx and the relationship between them
  • Understand basic concepts of Business Process Framework (eTOM) and the Information Framework (SID), and their relationships
  • Understand how the frameworks can be used
  • Understand NGOSS Business Process Map
  • Understand how to utilize NGOSS frameworks
  • The Service-Oriented Approach to System Design and Development of NGOSS
  • Understand Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM)
  • Understand Neutral Reference Points: internal process reengineering needs, partnerships, alliances, and general The Utilize NGOSS Information Model
  • Explore Shared Information and Data Model (SID)
  • Explore SID business-oriented perspective of the information and data
  • Explore Enterprise Architecture modeling using the eTOM and SID
  • Understand Integrating the eTOM and SID
  • Explore eTOM and SID in real world projects UML Class Models
  • Understand NGOSS TAM Business Application model to characterize the organizational application capability needs
  • Understand NGOSS Architecture Guidelines
  • Understand Technology Neutral Architecture (TNA) and Contract Interface
  • Understand NGOSS Conformance Criteria
  • Explore TONEX NGOSS-styled SOA methodology using SOA Service Contracts


Overview of Frameworx

  • TM Forum and Frameworx overview
  • Core elements
  • Methodology and lifecycle

Architecture Models used by Service Providers

  • eTOM - Enhanced Telecoms Operations Map
  • Business Process Modeling
  • SID (Shared Information and Data) Framework
  • Telecom Operation Map (TAM)
  • Integration Framework (TNA)
  • Input to Enterprise Data Model
  • Functional Architecture Framework
  • IT Architecture Framework
  • System Maps and Local Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture using the eTOM and SID

TONEX Roadmaps

  • Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Target Architecture Roadmaps
  • Network and Service Management Requirements
  • Role of NGOSS
  • Role of eTOM
  • Impact of SID
  • eTOM and SID Models
  • Architect and create links between eTOM and SID
  • Role of TAM
  • Role of TNA
  • NGOSS and SOA Roadmaps
  • NGOSS and eTOM/ITIL Mapping

Introduction to NGOSS

  • Business processes
  • Business process flows
  • Business application contracts
  • Shared data and information
  • Reference code and interfaces
  • NGOSS: Lifecycle
  • NGOSS: Views - Goals, Policy, Process & Information
  • NGOSS: Management & Framework Services
  • NGOSS: Security & Compliancy
  • NGOSS: Case Study

Overview of Frameworx

  • TM Forum and Frameworx overview
  • Core elements
  • Methodology and lifecycle
  • Frameworx and key components
  • Business Process Framework (eTOM),
  • Information Framework (SID)
  • Integration Framework (TM Forum Interfaces and Business Services)
  • Applications Framework (TAM)


  • eTOM Business Process Framework
  • eTOM in NGOSS
  • Case Study: Modeling an End-to-end Flow
  • Using eTOM for Business-to-Business Interaction
  • Linking eTOM and SID
  • eTOM in EU Collaborative
  • eTOM in a Merged Business

NGOSS and the SID

  • Benefits of SID and NGOSS
  • SID Concepts and Key Definitions
  • SID as a Framework of Frameworks
  • SID Objectives
  • Views of the SID
  • A business view
  • A systems view
  • The SID as an information model Independent of platform, language and protocol
  • Multiple data models
  • Entities
  • Associations
  • Attribues
  • Business views and behaviors
  • SID Framework
  • SID domains and Aggregate Business Entities (ABE)
  • Root Business Entities
  • Business Interaction & Agreement
  • Customer
  • SID and eTOM
  • Using the SID Rational Rose models
  • Using and Extending the SID
  • SID Business View

Business View of the SID

  • Domain-Specific Addenda
  • Common Business Entities
  • Addendum
  • Customer
  • Product
  • Service
  • Resource

The SID Business Framework

  • Product
  • Market/Sales
  • Enterprise
  • Strategic Product
  • Portfolio Plan
  • Product Specification
  • Applied Customer Billing
  • Rate
  • Supplier/Partner Performance
  • Market Strategy and Plan
  • Product Usage Statistic
  • Supplier/Partner Payment
  • Market Segment
  • Product Performance
  • Resource Specification
  • Supplier/Partner Bill Inquiry

The SID System Framework

  • SID Concepts and Principles
  • Party
  • Location (Place)
  • Interaction
  • Agreement
  • Calendar
  • Project
  • Policy
  • Customer
  • Customer Order
  • Product, Service, Resource
  • Product Offering
  • Product
  • Service
  • Resource

The Application Framework

  • Business and operations applications
  • TAM used with the solution framework

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