Length: 2 Days
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Hardware Security Assessment & Penetration Testing Course by Tonex

5G security training

The Hardware Security Assessment & Hardware Penetration Testing Course provides participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills to assess the security of hardware devices and perform penetration testing on hardware systems. Participants will learn techniques to analyze hardware components, identify vulnerabilities, and exploit security weaknesses in a variety of hardware devices. Through hands-on exercises and practical demonstrations, participants will gain expertise in hardware security assessment methodologies, advanced attacks, and countermeasures to enhance the overall security of hardware systems.


The course is suitable for hardware engineers, embedded systems developers, security professionals, and individuals involved in the design, development, and evaluation of hardware devices and systems. It is beneficial for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding and skills in hardware security assessment and penetration testing. Prior knowledge of hardware components, embedded systems, and basic security concepts is recommended.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of hardware security assessment and penetration testing.
  • Apply threat modeling and risk assessment methodologies for hardware systems.
  • Reverse engineer and analyze hardware components and embedded systems.
  • Discover and exploit hardware vulnerabilities through various attacks.
  • Perform side-channel attacks and implement countermeasures.
  • Conduct fault injection attacks and analyze their effects.
  • Apply secure hardware design principles and implement security features.
  • Conduct hardware penetration testing and report findings effectively.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Hardware Security Assessment

  • Overview of hardware security and its importance
  • Hardware components and their security implications
  • Legal and ethical considerations in hardware assessment

Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment for Hardware Systems

  • Identifying threats and risks specific to hardware devices
  • Conducting risk assessments and impact analysis
  • Prioritizing security controls and countermeasures

Reverse Engineering Hardware

  • Techniques for hardware reverse engineering
  • Analyzing hardware schematics and layouts
  • Extracting firmware and analyzing embedded systems

Hardware Vulnerability Discovery and Exploitation

  • Identifying common hardware vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting hardware weaknesses through physical attacks
  • Extracting cryptographic keys and sensitive data from hardware devices

Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures

  • Understanding side-channel attacks (e.g., power analysis, timing analysis)
  • Performing side-channel attacks on hardware devices
  • Implementing countermeasures to mitigate side-channel attacks

Fault Injection Attacks

  • Introduction to fault injection techniques
  • Performing fault injection attacks on hardware devices
  • Analyzing and exploiting the effects of injected faults

Secure Hardware Design Principles

  • Principles of secure hardware design
  • Hardware security features and mitigations
  • Implementing secure boot and secure elements in hardware systems

Hardware Penetration Testing Methodologies

  • Planning and scoping hardware penetration tests
  • Conducting hardware reconnaissance and target identification
  • Exploiting hardware vulnerabilities and documenting findings

Reporting and Mitigation of Hardware Vulnerabilities

  • Creating comprehensive and actionable hardware assessment reports
  • Communicating findings to stakeholders effectively
  • Recommending and implementing mitigations for hardware vulnerabilities

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