Length: 3 Days
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High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Training Bootcamp (U)

High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) is a special electromagnetic threat/mitigation scenario.

A HEMP is the result of a nuclear detonation at an altitude greater than 30 miles. The electromagnetic field generated by the effects of gamma rays interacting with the atmosphere at approximately 15-30 miles in altitude is what is referred to as an “Electromagnetic Pulse.”

Such a pulse can be very intense (50,000 V/m) and very broadband, subjecting a variety of electronics and power and other infrastructure to potential damage.

Many military systems have already been hardened for EMP (electromagnetic pulse) through design or the creation of special shielded environments suitable for military operations. However, Civil Infrastructure is still very vulnerable to damage from an EMP.

In the past, the threat of mutually assured destruction provided a lasting deterrent against the exchange of multiple high-yield nuclear warheads. However, now even a single, low-yield nuclear explosion high above the United States, or over a battlefield, can produce a large-scale HEMP effect that could result in a widespread loss of electronics, but no direct fatalities, and may not necessarily evoke a large nuclear retaliatory strike by the U.S. military.

Experts believe that this, coupled with published articles discussing the vulnerability of U.S. critical infrastructure control systems, and some U.S. military battlefield systems to the effects of HEMP, could create a new incentive for other countries to rapidly develop or acquire a nuclear capability.

The combined effects of HEMP require different technologies and methods for mitigation. Fortunately, there has been significant research and development conducted that have produced many viable solutions to provide effective protection.

Providing protection against HEMP is a process-based approach that combines the application of various technologies with appropriate tactics, techniques, and procedures. Various technology options are available to provide physical protection against the three phases of HEMP; but just as important are the methods and approaches used to apply these technologies.

In general, options for mitigation source three technologies:

  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • HEMP special filtering
  • Surge protection

Additionally, proper grounding, and, in some instances, electrical isolation, can offer improved protection against HEMP effects

High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Training Bootcamp by Tonex

High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Training Bootcamp  and High Power Microwave (HPM) training is a 3-day training bootcamp covering  High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and High Power Microwave (HPM) devices and threat assessments.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is an instantaneous, intense energy field that can overload or disrupt at a distance numerous electrical systems and high technology microcircuits, which are especially sensitive to power surges.

Participants will learn how a large scale EMP effect can be produced by a single nuclear explosion detonated high in the atmosphere using High-Altitude EMP (HEMP) method.

Concepts behind High Power Microwave (HPM), a similar, smaller-scale EMP effect  created using non-nuclear devices with powerful batteries or reactive chemicals ae also covered.

Tonex has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence by providing cutting-edge, high-quality training  courses, seminars and education. Developed in partnership with employers, our courses address  workforce needs, skill gaps and consulting services to help organizations achieve their full potential.

Since 1993, Tonex has specialized in providing EMP, HEMP, EMII/EMC, EW, C4ISR, Radar, SIGINT, ELINT, TDLs and many other related training, courses,  seminars, workshops, and consulting services across a wide range of topics to Fortune 500 companies,  government organizations, DoD, universities and businesses from around the world.

Topics Include:

Overview of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

  • Overview of EMP Threats
  • Overview of High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)
  • Overview of High Power Microwave (HPM)
  • Characteristics Of The High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)
    Analyzing Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities
  • Overview of High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Overview of High-Power Microwaves

Overview of Disruptive Effects of EMP

  • Overview of Global EMP Capabilities
  • Effects of High-altitude EMP (HEMP)
  • Overview of Vulnerabilities: Disruption of commercial and military communications, damage the electrical grid infrastructure, and interfere with command and control operations
  • The E1 (Early-time) Phase
  • The E2 (Intermediate-time) Phase
  • E3 (Late-time) Phase

Approaches To HEMP Mitigation

  • Recovery After Attack for federal, state, or local agency missions and operations
  • Hardening Against EMP
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Special HEMP Filtering
  • Surge Protection
  • Grounding
  • Isolation
  • Appropriate Redundancy
  • Dispersal and Relocation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Planning for Recovery
  • Protection-In-Depth (PID)
  • Planning Prior to Acquisition of Capability
  • Addressing E1 and E2 with “EMP-in-a-Box”
  • Addressing E3 with Additions to “EMP-in-a-Box”
  • Modular EMP Retrofit
  • Transportable Enclosure for Command and Control
  • EMP-protected Power Generation
  • Air Force AFIMSC “EMP-in-a-Box” Solution
  • Ground Wave Emergency Network
  • Policy Analysis and Preparedness

Maintenance And Life-Cycle Management

  • System Degradation from the Elements
  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Wear and Tear
  • EM Radiation-absorbing Gaskets
  • Physical Damage
  • Physical Damage to HEMP protection
  • Testing, Monitoring, Mitigation
  • Using MIL-STD-810G Test Cases

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