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High Performance Leadership

While the role of leadership is to create a high-performance environment, operating effectively in a digital world is really about people.

High performance leadership is essentially about role modelling and creating a high performance team. It is about understanding people and building trust. It is about building confidence in people so they can deliver amazing results.

High performance leaders excel at developing people, helping them to learn, helping them to grow and realize that they can achieve so much more than they think is possible.

Leaders also create a high performance atmosphere for their teams by embracing a change of mindset. An organization should be willing to change its mindset and behavior that defines the culture. To lead successfully, the CEO and c-level team leaders should transform their mindset that is central to growth and innovation. They should think big and be ready to be pushed outside of their comfort zone.

High performance leadership is also about ethics. By demonstrating ethical leadership we promote a high level of integrity that stimulates a sense of trustworthiness, and encourages subordinates to accept and follow our vision.

Additionally, ethical leaders always know how to do the right thing. It may be difficult to define exactly what “right” is, but a leader who is ethical is not afraid to do what they truly believe to be right – even if it is unpopular, unprofitable or inconvenient.

Of course, along with developing tangible skill sets, today’s executive also needs a sense of intangible assets in the form of leadership core values. Leadership core value are the fundamental beliefs that drive the behaviors and actions of individuals – be they organizational leaders, public service workers or skilled professionals. Through these personal core values, organizations are defined, and leadership roles either become simpler or a nightmare of day to day problems and issues.

It’s extremely important for organizations to understand the intangible value of the cultural DNA (living company values) that resides within their organization and how it feeds directly into bottom-line performance and growth.

Core values help companies to determine if they are on the right path, fulfilling their goal or mission, living by their expected behaviors and ultimately how they treat and interact with their employees, customers, society and the environment.  Just as there are many types of leaders and employees, so there are many different examples of leadership core values driving organizational engines.

High Performance Leadership Course by Tonex

Leadership is the most influential element of all businesses. A company’s success or lack of it can usually be traced back to the quality of its leaders.

High performance leaders possess the necessary tools and skills to inspire and impact their teams, allowing firms to run competently and smoothly. Effective leaders have the knowledge, vision and communication skills to carry out the mission statements, objectives, actions plans and goals of the company while seamlessly leading the workforce into realizing them.

High performance leadership can bring these benefits to a company:

  • Better awareness of diversity in the workforce
  • Better emotional intelligence
  • Improved productivity of the workforce
  • Dependable, reliable and competent teams
  • Better chances of succeeding under pressure
  • Enhanced confidence in the workforce
  • An increase in innovation and creativity

The big question for organizations: How do you up the skill set of leaders who show promise so that they perform at even a more effective level of leadership?

The high performance leadership training course covers the theories and tactics you would need as a leader to create a high performance atmosphere for your team in order to accomplish the desired results.

Why is this necessary? Because the world has changed. Conventional tools and tactics of leadership that worked well in the past cannot keep up with the challenges of modern society.

The current world requires a significant change in the strategies and practices of leadership and only those leaders who keep themselves updated can become and stay successful. The high performance leadership training course helps you pass through such transition and teaches you new skills to discover your own unique, sustainable path to high performance.

Over the high performance leadership training course, we will teach you the manners and actions which can encourage or discourage high performance among your team, the behaviors that support collaborative environment, and the techniques that form performance drivers.

Through the interactive exercises and discussions you will experience during this training, you will discover whether your behavior accelerates or suppresses high performance in the work environment.

Additionally, we will show you how to manage keeping up with the business world’s added responsibilities and ever rising expectations. In order to become a successful leader in such an environment, you need to be a multidimensional person. You need to become highly flexible, grow your skills, and shrink gaps.

Through the high performance leadership training course, we will teach you how to do all of these.


The high performance leadership training is a 2-day course suitable for:

  • Mid- to senior-level managers and leaders
  • Experienced executives who want to lead their team to their highest level of sustained performance
  • Leaders who use techniques to provide an environment to sustain long-term and profitable growth

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of the high performance leadership training course, the attendees are able to:

  • Recognize the key qualities of high performance leaders
  • Develop necessary skills to lead and encourage people to accomplish the desired results and goals
  • Develop and grow their personal leadership styles
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Manage time and prioritize tasks to higher efficiency
  • Identify the behaviors and actions that encourage high performance among their team
  • Create and maintain a comfortable environment in which new ideas can grow
  • Achieve a high level of effectiveness in leading people to their highest level of sustained performance.
  • Maximize critical thinking
  • Replicate high performance practices
  • Develop their own unique style of leadership
  • Learn effective dialogue, refresh their perspective, and build on their strengths
  • Boost their capacity to change
  • Create a plan to destroy the barriers to high performance in a business unit
  • Recognize, repeat, and develop high performance behaviors throughout the organization

Course Outline

Overview To High Performance Leadership

  • Leadership definition
  • Leadership pathway
  • Stories about successful business leaders
  • What would it take to become a successful leader in the today’s competing world of business
  • How to accelerate learning

Introduction To High Performance Leadership

  • What motivates high performance in unreliable economic atmosphere?
  • The motivations and related features of a high-performing work environment
  • Leadership challenges and consequences of the changing business world
  • Discussion and exploration of your Personal Leadership Challenge (PLC)

The Principles of a High-Performance Environment

  • How to keep up with challenges of a changing environment and how to manage change?
  • Creating flexible work environments that adapt easily and fast with change

Leadership Skills

  • Effective leaders
  • The roots of leadership
  • Develop necessary skills to supervisory
  • Task and team
  • Management methods
  • Adapt your style
  • What is the most suitable approach to your business?

Recipes To Motivation And Passion

  • Why salary and wages shouldn’t be the motivation?
  • Acknowledge, address, and encourage your team
  • Why do you need to engage your whole self to be able to inspire another whole person?

Building A High Performance Environment

  • Role of leadership in changing behaviors of the workforce
  • Familiar leadership, correlation between leadership style and resultant behaviors

Leadership vs. Management

  • What are the main differences?
  • How to face the challenges of today’s business world?
  • Commanding or demanding?
  • The pathway you should never continue; the route to extinction
  • Show people power but be merciful, engage them in your game

Story of The Famous Leaders of The World

  • Who are they?
  • What did they achieve?
  • What qualities did they possess?
  • What do they teach us?

Communication Skills

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness
  • Trading information
  • Decision making is a skill
  • Present yourself effectively and thoroughly
  • Effective meetings
  • Transactional assessment
  • General communication

Effective Leadership Communication

  • Defining purpose and vision, not a waste of time
  • Cognitive processing; do you have a better memory in remembering names or faces?
  • Graphical memory is the power
  • Using visual tools much more productive than using words

Respectful Communication

  • How do effective leaders use communication tools to drive high performance?
  • Challenging assumptions and answering the tough questions

It’s Your Game, Make It Like A Leader

  • If money is not the true source of motivation, what is?
  • What game?
  • The way children lead by their instinct
  • Why people are interested in playing games rather than seeking jobs
  • We are always in the play:
    • Work hard as a team to accomplish our desired goals
    • Always play politics
    • Go get the boss

Acknowledge the heart of the people and the team

  • Understand your team’s tone
  • Enthusiastic action vs apathy and hopelessness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Spirit intelligence

Graphical Vision, A Powerful Tool

  • Why visualization is effective?
  • Awaken the dormant forces by vision power
  • Use icons
  • Picture your successful future vision
  • Make others to buy that vision

Your Leadership Territory

  • Your team and staff
  • They are always watching
  • Explore your territory
  • Don’t lie or pretend to your staff

The Power of Graphical Planning

  • The graphical planning language
  • What are the steps
  • Don’t talk, plan and act

What Is IT That Make Your Customers Happy?

  • Leading edge customer value tools
  • Internal vs external customers
  • Customer service matters
  • Is customer service included in your planning?

Time and Task Management

  • Delegate properly
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Important vs. urgent
  • Map your mind

Build A Highly Achieving Team

  • Team development steps
  • Team roles
  • Play on your strengths
  • Recruit capable people
  • Inject motivation

Leadership Performance

  • Performance reviews
  • Define clear goals and objectives
  • Effective rewarding system
  • Trading criticism
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Engage your people
  • Staff development

Negotiation Skills

  • How to develop an approach of negotiation that influence people
  • Practicing and improving influence and collaboration skills

Explore Your Strengths

  • Discover your leadership strengths and manage them
  • Concentrate on your unique personal capabilities to lead your team

Critical Thinking And Decision Making

  • Group process dynamics
  • Pitfalls and benefits of team decision making as compared to individual decision making
  • Avoiding individual decision traps and improving team decision

Building An Inspiring Environment

  • Team trust matters
  • Trust deposits
  • Seal the trust leakages
  • Assertion is not aggregation

The Power of Intent

  • Key tactics of leadership
  • Never fall into scenario planning

The Power of The Mastermind

  • Mastermind definition
  • Developing mastermind and using it
  • Advantages of having a mastermind

High Performance Leadership

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