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How To Become A Powerful Presenter

Becoming a powerful presenter is essential for effective persuasion.

Yet, few people are born powerful presenters. In fact, public speaking consistently ranks as the No. 1 fear for most people – even more so than death.

Fortunately, public speaking is a learned trait and can be mastered. Just like inline skating, you can learn to master the art of public speaking. The best product or service, if not presented properly, is useless.

There are many advantages to being a powerful speaker, such as:

  • You are perceived as a leader and an expert in your field
  • You gain respect
  • You can leverage your position effectively

Effective, powerful presentations are especially beneficial to organizations. Businesses and professional firms use presentations to inform, educate, motivate and persuade internal and external audiences. They build presentations into sales, training and internal communication programs, using the power of words and images to engage their audience and retain attention.

A well-crafted presentation also demonstrates professionalism and helps to reinforce an organization’s corporate image. Focusing on the importance of presentation in business can be the difference between nabbing the right employees, customers and investors and not.

If you are making a presentation on company capability to prospects in different market sectors, for example, you can incorporate sector-specific content for each client. Advantages of digital presentations include more flexible than a printed medium, such as a corporate brochure, which would be expensive to modify. You can also hold them fully online if the need arises.

How To Become A Powerful Presenter Course by Tonex

How to Become A Powerful Presenter Training Course Description

The how to become a powerful presenter training course is designed to educate you to become a confident and outstanding presenter. This workshop will assist you to understand and learn methods, tactics, and tricks of influencing your audience during a presentation.

While great ideas are necessary to a successful presentation, they are not sufficient to impress the audience. The ways you present an idea plays a key role in selling the idea and persuade your audience. The success of a presentation greatly depends on structure, style, and confidence of the speaker. The how to become a powerful presenter training course will help you to develop charisma, a smooth combination of attraction and influence, to get your audience to believe you.

In order to become a charismatic presenter, you need to develop skills required to inspire people, provoke their passion, and persuade them to see the target from your angle of view without developing defensiveness or offence. The how to become a powerful presenter training course intends to teach you how present in the most powerful and charismatic way.


How to become a powerful presenter training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Managers who present to clients or the shareholders
  • Individuals who represent their organizations in public events or conferences
  • Founders of start-up companies who are seeking funds and need to pitch in their ideas to investors
  • Graduate students planning to present and defend their thesis/dissertation
  • All the individuals whom presentation is part of their professional or personal life

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of the how to become a powerful presenter training course, the attendees are able to:

  • Develop a powerful, influential, persuasive, and charismatic presentation style
  • Demonstrate confidence when presentation is challenging
  • Encourage and attract audience by knowing where to concentrate their energy
  • Use effective communication tools during the presentation
  • Use verbal and non-verbal methods to create memorable messages that the sticks in audience’s minds
  • Connect with their audience on a deeper level and inspire them to take action
  • Make the audience to believe what they say without resisting
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Handle the unexpected situations
  • Manage difficult and challenging questions
  • Deal with objections professionally and calmly

Training Outline


  • What is the characteristics of a successful presentation
  • The role of the presenter in delivering a powerful presentation
  • What is the impact of the presenter’s charisma on audience

How To Manage Anxiety

  • Techniques to feel mentally positive
  • What are the practices and strategies to relax the body
  • The neutral position
    • The first 9 seconds matter
    • 9:90 rule of speaking

How To Manage Physical Influence

  • Adopting a confident and authoritative body posture and stance
  • Using proper body language
    • Using proper hands movements to engage audience and deliver the message
  • The influence of face
    • How to eliminate the facial tension
    • How to make and maintain eye contact with everybody in the audience

Creating An Engaging Voice

  • Learn how to breath
    • Developing breathing control techniques
    • How to sustain the voice by breathing effectively
  • Variety of voices
    • High pitch voice
    • Variable pace of delivery
    • The importance of the ‘E’ word
  • Volume of the voice
    • How to increase the volume and the resonance

Presentation Framework, Part I

  • How to make a strong first impression
  • Getting started
  • The principals of primacy
  • Generating material
  • Organizing key points

Presentation Framework, Part II

  • Wrapping up
  • The principals of recency
  • Q/A session

How To Be Different

  • Main body framework
  • Be humorous
  • Comparison and analogy
  • Use mini-summaries
  • Link properly and effectively

Notes Are Useful

  • Pros and cons of other options
  • Use notes effectively
  • The drawback of using notes
  • What is “Grid”

Importance of Using Visual Techniques

  • What goals visuals serve
  • When to stay away from visuals
  • Various options

How To Generate Visuals

  • Using exciting visuals
  • The three ‘B’ of visual designs
  • Landscape or portrait?

Handling Visuals

  • Handling strategy
  • Use a pointer
  • How to re-focus the audience
  • Using handouts

How To Manage The Discussion Session?

  • Various types of questions
    • Questioner types
    • Read the questioners’ mind
    • How to get the audience to ask questions at the beginning of the discussion session
  • Strategy
    • Deal with aggressive people
    • Manage the awkward situations
    • Manage multiple questions
    • How to face with your lack of knowledge against a question
    • How to deal with the questions asked during the presentation
  • Connect emotionally
    • Understand how our beliefs reflect in our behavior
    • How to make a strong connection with the audience
    • Elements of charisma

How To Become A Powerful Presenter

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