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Length: 2 Days
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Leadership Training For Non-Engineers

Leadership Training For Non-Engineers Course Description

Leadership training for non-engineers is a practical training course designed to address the issues and challenges new and successful leaders are facing on a daily basis in society. Unlike training for systems engineers, which focuses on technology and leadership for managing engineering projects, this course is more business and organization oriented. Leadership training for non-engineers covers the fundamentals, principals and skills necessary for principal and senior management roles.

Executing strategies are as important as defining them. An excellent leader must be great in both in order to guide the organization toward the right direction. Through the non-engineering leadership training course, you will learn to drive through the implementation of strategies instead of letting others take control of your decisions.

In our leadership for non-engineers training program you will learn and practice 10 essential skills of leadership and change management.

This program will prepare you to rise to the next level of leadership strong and assertive. We help you learn how to increase your financial gains along with your productivity achievements.

This hands-on seminar trains you to take advantage of your strengths and capabilities to overcome difficult situations and people. During this workshop, we will train you to be smart, confident enough to take calculated risks, follow your instinct and not fearful of failure.

Participants will learn:

  • The main challenges outside the organization that could affect the performance of the organization
  • How to deal with these challenges?
  • What are the key strategies and tactics you need to use to accomplish the best results?
  • Emotional intelligence in leadership
  • Different dynamic approach by using creative and innovative methods
  • Persuasion and influencing skills and tactics to achieve your goals

The goal of the non-engineer leadership training course is to teach you the core components of leadership, vision, purpose, strategy and values. Over the course we will help you discover and develop specific skills and strategies suitable and necessary for your own organization.


The non-engineering leadership training course is particularly suited for:

  • Senior and principal managers
  • Middle managers who are on the track to senior positions
  • Executives, directors and decision makers
  • All potential leaders in both public and private sectors

Course Outline

Overview of Non-Engineering Leadership

  • Definition of leadership
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence
  • Demands for leadership

Fundamental Elements Of Leadership

  • Experience
  • Effective communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Feedbacks
  • Building strong relationships
  • Deep understanding of the goals

Advanced Leadership Skills

  • Ability to delegate
  • Ability to resolve conflicts
  • Ability to negotiate
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to think out of the box

Leadership Challenges

  • Challenges with people and the process
  • The integrated approach to achieve goals

Leadership Levels

Qualities Essential For Non-Engineering Leaders And How To Develop Them

  • Strategic capabilities
  • Developing an approach to leadership
  • Conventional and modern leadership techniques

Leadership and Culture

  • Understanding global leadership
    • Recognize various methods and approaches of leadership in different cultures
    • Develop cultural intelligence
  • Understanding corporate culture
    • Structural aspects
    • Behavioral aspects
    • Human aspects
  • How to change corporate culture
    • Change checklist
    • Cultural web
    • Culture and emotional intelligence

Developing Effective Influencing Skills

  • Successful influencing leaders’ characteristics
  • Methods of persuasion
  • Profiling others

Leadership Training For Non-Engineers





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