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Leadership Training For Women

Women know they can lead – so why are some organizations slow in coming to the same conclusion?

According to a Pew Research Center report on what makes a good leader, characteristics such as honesty, intelligence, compassion and innovation rank quite high on the rating scale.

When comparing these traits between men and women, women scored higher in most of these categories. From this, we can infer that the general public views women as more compassionate, innovative and honest compared to men.

A study conducted by Dr. Alice Eagly, a scholar on the topic of women’s leadership, found that women make better leaders because women tend to be more transformational leaders — meaning that they seek to develop others and listen more effectively, in addition to generally thinking more outside-the-box than their male counterparts.

There have been a series of studies done to compare how men and women handle stress in difficult situations. Neuroscience and neurobiology prove that women make better decisions under stress.

So the potential is there, according to science; effective leadership training can help women bring those leadership skills to fruition.

One tip is universal from women already in leadership roles:

Start before you’re ready.

In other words, even if you don’t feel 100% ready, the important thing is to just start and realize how much further along you will be in a year. A key aspect to succeeding is trying.

Women leaders also recommend maintaining a growth mindset. It’s crucial to worry more about how you are going to learn and grow than about what role you are going to have next.

Focusing on the opportunities in front of you—even when they aren’t directly related to ultimate goals—is how women can built the foundational knowledge to eventually lead across functions.

Asking questions along the way is also key. Until you are able to form your own opinions, get a lot of feedback and work to improve and grow each day.

Leadership Training For Women Course Description

Leadership training for women is a practical training course designed to address the issues and challenges new and successful female leaders are facing on a daily basis in society. In our leadership for women training program you will learn and practice 10 essential skills of leadership and change management.

The leadership training for women is to prepare you to rise to the next level of leadership strong and assertive. We help you learn how to increase your financial gains along with your productivity achievements.

leadership training for women

The leadership training for women focuses on the issues that high-achieving women are dealing with at a personal and social level and teach them how to handle and manage such issues and convert them into a tool to get to their goals.

This hands-on seminar trains you to take advantage of your strengths and capabilities to overcome difficult situations and people. During this workshop, we will train you to be smart, confident to take calculated risks, follow your instinct, and to not fear failure.

By the end of this training, you will go back to your job full of positive energy, feeling assertive, ready to compete, and knowing your true value. You will learn that you are an extraordinary leader who doesn’t need to settle for less.


The leadership training for women is a 2-day course designed for the female leaders, managers, business professionals, and all the others who are willing to compete fearlessly for a better position at their organizations by developing the highest quality of leadership.

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of the leadership training for women, the attendees are able to:

  • See their identity as a leader
  • Apply stronger impact on their decisions
  • Build a strong network
  • Influence the people in their network
  • Apply their unique leadership style
  • Overcome and break the stereotype existing in workplaces against female leaders
  • Develop a competitive mentality that influences their strengths as women
  • Build strong relationships with the key stakeholders who can have impact on their careers
  • Prevent perfectionist approaches towards challenges and competitions
  • Accept failures and see them as learning opportunities
  • Handle the super-competitive male co-workers
  • Develop a more resistant attitude
  • Get out of the status quo when it becomes a comfort zone
  • Take smart and calculated risks

 Course Outline

Overview To Women Leadership

  • Leadership definition in general
  • Famous female leaders of the world
  • Male vs female views of competition
  • Feminine qualities are assets in leadership

Communication With Others

  • Effective listening
  • Building harmony
  • How to consider diverse perspectives
  • How to empower each other

Creating Partnerships

  • Find shared benefits
  • Incorporate others’ help when developing your plan of action
  • How to cultivate and nurture your skills and talents
  • Share both responsibilities and results
  • What is the definition of a successful organization

Developing A Competitive Yet Collaborative Mentality

  • What is the difference points of view in competition between women and men?
  • Perfectionism, huge burden to healthy competition
  • Your feminine characteristics are valuable in leadership
  • How to develop a competitive attitude

What Is Calculated Risk Taking?

  • The importance of risk taking in success
  • Why female leaders tend to be more cautious in taking risks than the male
  • The four performance zones
  • Why would you feel comfortable in the “stretch zone?”
  • Practices to take smart risks

Developing Strong Strategies

  • Recognize your Social Value
  • Build your ultimate leadership network

How to Cooperate with Hypercompetitive Coworkers

  • Various categories of hypercompetitive colleagues
  • Why is it always useful to have someone in your network whom you don’t trust
  • How to handle the co-workers you don’t trust or like
  • How to deal with the saboteurs

How To Develop Strong Relationships With Influential Stakeholders

  • Various levels of pacing partners
  • How to develop healthy competitions and overcome common challenges
  • How to virtually build pacing partner relationships

Leadership Training For Women

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