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Length: 2 Days
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Leading High Performance Teams Training

Leading High Performance Teams Training Course Description

Leading high performance teams training help you develop essential skills including improving self-understanding, analyzing the effectiveness of others, team constructing, leadership, encouragement, and conflict resolution. You will gain a practical training of how to analyze and maintain effective team performance across the project life cycle along with how to recognize and solve key issues.

Project success not only depends on the efficacy of the project team and how well they collaborate, but also on the project manager’s capability to guide and manage the team and concentrate on people issues. Therefore, leading high performance teams training helps managers and team leaders to develop the knowledge and skills to develop and sustain a high performance team. Participants will also learn methods that will involve and motivate their teams to accomplish a higher level of team performance and synergy.

Leading high performance teams training is a highly interactive workshop that provides you with the chance to update your leadership skills and discover how teams change, create and how you can keep them on track. It will seek what is necessary to move a mediocre performing team to the one that is high performing and acknowledged for its achievements. This course is a combination of both theoretical and practical aspects of leading high performance teams training. Participants will experience what they are taught through group activities, team working, role-playing, case studies, and hands-on workshops.


Leading high performance teams training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Team leaders
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Senior, mid-level, and junior managers
  • All individuals involved in team activities in various fields of engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, marketing, and finance functions in ground vehicle OEMs and suppliers.

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of leading high performance teams training, the attendees are able to:

  • Determine the characters of high-performing project teams
  • Successfully initiate a new project team
  • Inspire peak performance in project teams
  • Use leadership skills to create team members’ capability and commitment
  • Lead and manage distant project teams
  • Determine tactics to manage the various performance roles people take inside a team and the ways to enhance team dynamics
  • Set up personal strategies and activities that will construct and secure a high performing team
  • Share their team vision in an attractive way to motivate team member “buy in”
  • Describe the value of successfully managing ‘soft-side’ concerns that cause issues and postpones during product development programs
  • Use effective practices of employing and initiating teams
  • Execute methods to effectively lead and smooth effective teams
  • Efficiently troubleshoot problems on a team and use methods to remain efficient
  • Execute proven guidelines for performing effective team meetings

Course Outline

Overview of Leading High Performance Teams

  • Definition of team
  • High performance team characteristics
  • Terminology
  • Leadership vs management
  • Groups vs teams
  • Various types of team

Initiating a Project Team

  • High-performing teams characteristics
  • Managing the human resource
  • Obtaining project team
  • Creating the vision for the team
  • Defining the team goals
  • Project charter
  • Guidelines and protocols
  • Outlining the project team

Constructing a High-Performing Team

  • Team development process, step by step
  • Team development progress
  • Effective project teams elements
  • Empowerment and leverage
  • Building the trust
  • Culture
  • Making effective decisions
  • Underlying foundation of conflicts
  • Morality of team
  • Inspiring the team
  • Building a high-performing team methods

 Accomplishing High Performing Team Dynamics

  • Belbin team roles and responsibilities
  • Team Role functions
  • Own selected team roles
  • Inspiring team members
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Team role dynamics inside own team

High-Performance Team Leadership

  • High-performing teams leader’s characteristics
  • How to establish trustworthiness
  • Situational leadership
  • Development process level
  • The competence process

Creating a High Team Performance Management Culture and Vision

  • High performing teams process
  • Enhancing own team performance management
  • Developing a compelling vision
  • Tips on assigning your vision

Leading Project Teams from Long distance

  • How can you justify remote teams?
  • Essential success elements
  • Project manager skills
  • Team member skills
  • Some tips for leading remote teams

Making Effective Decisions

  • Situational evaluation: problems, decisions and polarities
  • Usual mistakes in decision making
  • Critical steps in the decision process
  • Decision making quality and acceptance elements
  • Team consensus
  • Determining the decision makers
  • Smoothing consensus decisions

Sound Facilitation

  • Identifying and resolving common team issues
  • Managing conflict
  • Mind mapping
  • Story boarding
  • Work assignments
  • Evaluating the team performance
  • Concluding the meeting

TONEX Case Study Sample: Unit-Based High Performance Team

  • Background
  • What is unit-based team?
  • Understanding Unit-Based Teams
  • Characteristics of high- performing UBTs
  • Key success factors of high-performance UBTs
  1. Leadership
  2. Line of Sight
  3. Team Cohesion
  4. Processes and Methods
  5. Infrastructure and Support

Leading High Performance Teams

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