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Linux Security Training Crash Course

Linux security is important because although Linux users are less prone to viruses than some other major operating systems, there are still many security issues facing Linux users and administrators.

Industry analysts believe it’s important to have a “big picture” view of Linux security to start off. Rather than just saying we need to make a system secure, organizations  need to consider what is meant by secure, what risks are associated with any data that’s available, and what impact your security measures will have on your users.

Of course, despite its superior security record compared to other systems, Linux also has proven vulnerable from time to time to new attack mechanisms.

The Trend Micro Report found that over 200 different vulnerabilities were targeted in Linux environments in just six months. The majority of the vulnerabilities detected were from systems running old or end-of-life versions of Linux.

This fact alone points to the importance of keeping up with Linux security patch updates.

The report listed the top malware impacting Linux systems and compromising Linux security as:

  • Coin miners: 24.56%
  • Web shells: 19.92%
  • Ransomware: 11.55%
  • Trojans: 9.65%
  • Others: 3.15%

Considering the high prevalence of coin miners and web shell attacks, Linux security analysts believe that hackers are trying to steal the powerful computing resources provided by the cloud to run their cryptocurrency mining activities.

The report also analyzed the most commonly used enterprise-grade Docker images to review the security threats to the containers. Almost all the major containers used by organizations faced vulnerabilities and were prone to cyber-attacks.

Recommendations for improving Linux security include disabling the root login. Linux distributions include a superuser called ‘root’ that contains elevated administrative permissions. Keeping root login enabled can present a security risk and diminish the safety of small business cloud resources hosted on the server, as hackers can exploit this credential to access the server. To strengthen server security, you must disable this login.

Only installing required packages that your organization needs to run is another security recommendation. It’s been discovered that the more packages you install, particularly from third-party repositories, the more vulnerabilities you could be introducing into the system.

On the other hand, Linux has also proven its superiority by continuing to be the only operating system to be used in all of the world’s top 500 supercomputers.

Additionally,  Linux also supports nontraditional IT applications such as heavy machinery controlling, robotics, high-speed trains, and even major space programs. And in an increasingly cloud-centric world, Linux allows organizations to leverage and get the most of their cloud-based environments and power their digital strategies.

Linux Security Training Crash Course by Tonex

Linux Security Training Crash Course provides the participants with an in-depth coverage of Linux security and Unix security issues.

Learn how to mitigate Linux security issues, file systems or applications.Learn topics including:

  • Linux  network attacks
  • Vulnerabilities and threats in Linux systems
  • Vulnerabilities and threats in Unix systems
  • Application security issues
  • File system issues
  • The password authentication system issues
  • Virtual memory system
  • Techniques used to hardening Linux/Unix systems
  • Securing Files and Directories
  • Logs and Integrity
  • Authorization Controls
  • Firewall with IP table
  • IDS and Honeypot
  • Testing and Monitoring
  • Digital forensics for Linux/Unix
  • Tools  including SSH, AIDE, sudo, lsof


Linux Security Training

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