Price: $2,999.00

Length: 4 Days
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Linux Security Training Crash Course

Linux Security Training Crash Course provides the participants with an in-depth coverage of Linux security and Unix security issues.

Learn how to mitigate Linux security issues, file systems or applications.Learn topics including:

  • Linux  network attacks
  • Vulnerabilities and threats in Linux systems
  • Vulnerabilities and threats in Unix systems
  • Application security issues
  • File system issues
  • The password authentication system issues
  • Virtual memory system
  • Techniques used to hardening Linux/Unix systems
  • Securing Files and Directories
  • Logs and Integrity
  • Authorization Controls
  • Firewall with IP table
  • IDS and Honeypot
  • Testing and Monitoring
  • Digital forensics for Linux/Unix
  • Tools  including SSH, AIDE, sudo, lsof

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