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Mobile Application Development Workshop

Mobile Application Development Workshop Description

Mobile Application Development workshop is designed by TONEX to examine the principles of mobile application (app) design and development. It is a project-oriented course which includes app design for different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows based on the latest versions and trends available.

TONEX as a leader in teaching industry for more than 15 years and having a lot of experience in mobile app development industry is now announcing the Mobile Application Development workshop which helps you to understand the advanced technology behind the mobile application development and design advanced applications for distribution or individual need.

Mobile Application Development workshop contains real-world application implementation for different platforms using Java, Swift and Objective-C (for iOS), HTML5, JavaScript and XML, and C# and XAML (for Windows).

Our Company, TONEX, has established a complete mobile application development program with different variety of courses, workshops, seminars, and comprehensive courses designed by professionals from academia and industry in mobile application development. We are pleased to announce the mobile application development workshop for those professional fellows interested in developing mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows devices.

This course covers a variety of topics in mobile app development such as: Introduction to mobile app development, application development for Android systems using Java and XML, Android environment setup and architecture, Android User Interface (UI) layouts and control, iOS mobile application development using Objective-C and Swift programming, UI design in iOS, and Windows mobile application development using C# and XAML programming languages.

By taking the Mobile Application Development workshop, you will understand the basics of iOS, iOS Xcode app development interface, benefits of newly designed Swift programming over Objective-C and Cocoa, delegates and UI elements in iOS and object creation for iOS.

Learn about fundamentals of JavaScript and XML programming for android, android software development kit (SDK), event handling, hardware sensors, UI controls, fragments, and content providers in android operating system.

Learn about basics of Objective C, Swift, Java, C# and CAML which are vital parts of mobile app development in windows phones, XAML layout and events, video/audio control, maps, Bluetooth and database for windows phones.

All the materials and topics in this course are being updated in a timely manner to ensure the trend is followed and it has been proven that many clients learn about upcoming technologies from TONEX first. For example, the programming part covers the recent advancements in iOS 9, Android 6, and Windows 10 application developments.

Finally, the Mobile Application Development workshop will introduce a set of labs, workshops and group activities of real world case studies in order to prepare you to develop sophisticated mobile apps and to be able to tackle all the related mobile app development challenges.


The Mobile Application Development workshop is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Mobile app developers and software engineers
  • Project managers and business analysts working with mobile application development
  • Team members or stakeholders involved in mobile application design and development
  • Business analysts, functional managers, project managers, developers and testers
  • System administrators, engineers who want to learn mobile app development
  • Vendors who will develop mobile apps
  • Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in mobile app industry.

Training Objectives

Upon completion of the Mobile Application Development workshop, the attendees are able to:

  • Describe all aspects of mobile programming which make mobile programming unique compared to other platforms
  • Design mobile applications for a company or individual profit
  • Implement and apply prototyping approaches in order to develop complicated mobile interfaces
  • Program iOS using basic and advanced phone features
  • Implement an Android application using advanced phone features
  • Understand design principles to program windows phone applications
  • Implement mobile apps for Android, iOS, or Windows phones in marketplace for distribution
  • Get a profound understanding of the ideas and philosophy behind the mobile app development.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the motivation, requirements, functionality, possibilities, and limitations mobile app development and design

Training Outline

The Mobile Application Development workshop consists of the following lessons, which can be revised and tailored to the client’s need:

Introduction to Mobile App Development

  • History and Background of Mobile Apps
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Business Landscape
  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Different Mobile Platforms
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry OS
  • Tablet Platforms
  • Hardware Sensors
  • Security Consideration in Mobile App Design
  • Data Integration and Database
  • Programming Languages
  • Web Designer and Developer Role

App Development for Android

  • Features of Android
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android
  • Android Applications
  • Environment Setup
  • Android Architecture
  • Application Components
  • Organizing Resources and Accessibility
  • Broadcast Receivers and Intents
  • Content Providers
  • Fragments
  • Intents and Filters
  • User Interface (UI) Layouts
  • UI Controls
  • Event Handling
  • Styles and Themes
  • Custom Components
  • Database and Content Providers
  • Hardware Sensors
  • Maps, Geocoding, and Location Services
  • Audio, Video, and Camera
  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, NFC, Networks and Wi-Fi
  • Telephony and SMS

Android Environment Setup and Architecture

  • Tools
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Android JDK
  • Android Development Tools (ADT) Plug-in
  • Android Virtual Device
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Linux Kernel
  • Android Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Application Framework
  • Applications

 Android User Interface (UI) Layouts and Control

  • Relative Layout Attributes
  • GridView Attributes
  • Sub-Activity Attributes
  • Layout Attributes
  • View Identification
  • Android UI Control
  • TextView Attributes
  • EditText Attributes
  • AutoComplete TextView
  • Button Attributes
  • ImageButton Attributes
  • CheckBox Attribute
  • ToggleButton
  • RadioButton Attrubutes
  • RadioGroup Attribute

 iOS Mobile Application Development Using Objective-C and Swift (iOS 9 and Below)

  • General Background about iOS
  • iOS Xcode
  • Improvement from Cocoa Framework to Objective-C and Swift
  • Benefits of Swift Development
  • Combination of Objective-C and Swift
  • Swift Interface and Implementation
  • Object Creation
  • Data Types in Swift
  • Printing Logs
  • Arrays, Dictionary and Categories in Swift
  • Creating an App
  • Actions and Outlets
  • Delegates
  • User Interface (UI) Elements
  • Designing UI for iOS
  • Accelerometer
  • Universal Applications
  • Camera Management
  • Location Handling
  • SQLITE Database
  • Audio and Video
  • File Handling
  • Map and Location
  • In-App Purchases, Storyboards, and Audio Layouts
  • Game, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Memory Management in iOS
  • Application Development Debugging Techniques

 User Interface Design in iOS

  • Main Elements of UI
  • UI Focus and Approaches
  • Text Files
  • Input Types
  • Buttons
  • Labels and Toolbars
  • Status Bars and Navigation Bars
  • Tab Bar
  • Image View
  • Scroll view
  • Table view
  • Split View
  • Text View
  • Pickers
  • Icons and Switchers
  • Sliders and Alerts

 C# and XAML for Windows Mobile Application Development (Windows 10 and Below)

  • Introduction to Windows Phone Platform
  • User Interface Design for Windows Phone
  • Application Interface
  • Windows Phone Developer and Designer Tools
  • Coding Tools
  • Designing Tools
  • Application Development Tools
  • C# Programming for Windows Phone App Development
  • Windows Application Life Cycle
  • Storage and Network Access
  • API Mapping Tools
  • Navigation Model
  • XAML Layout and Events
  • Windows Phone Emulator
  • HTML Apps in WebView
  • Maps and Animations
  • Video/Audio Control
  • Controls and File Handling
  • Bluetooth and Connectivity
  • Web Services and Database

 Hands On, Workshops, and Group Activities

  • Labs
  • Workshops
  • Group Activities

 Sample Workshops and Labs for Mobile App Development Workshop

  • UI Design for Android Systems, Case Study
  • Hello World Example for Android with Java
  • Add Button to UI in Android Sample Code
  • Designing an Image Capturing Event for Android
  • Using XML for Slide Out Animation in Android
  • Xcode Hands on Training for iOS
  • Creating Button and Label for iOS App Development Case Study
  • Example on Creating Delegate for iOS
  • UI Design for iOS using Objective-C
  • Create the Project for Windows Phone App in C#
  • Creating the UI for Windows Phone
  • Hello Word Example for Windows Phones

Mobile Application Development Workshop

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