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Organizational Development Fundamentals Training

Organizational Development Fundamentals Training Course Description

Organization Development Fundamentals training covers various angles of organization development including the theories, basis, models, tools, and process of developing organization. Organization Development (OD) Fundamentals training will teach you the fundamentals and principals of managing change and aligning people, and exercising for success.

How Can You Benefit from OD Fundamentals Training?

  • You will learn to align people to the organization’s visions and goals
  • You will gain the competency to proceed towards the cultural change with long-term impact
  • You will earn shared ownership of complicated challenges
  • You will fully comprehend blockages of success

TONEX OD Training Format

Organization Development Fundamentals training is a combination of theory and hands-on activities. You learn the principals and theoretical basis of organizational development through lectures and presentations. Then, you will experience each topic via practical exercises, group activities, and hands-on workshops. The case studies and examples are chosen from the real-world projects and scenarios.


Organization Development Fundamentals training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Human resources and organizational development practitioners
  • Team leaders
  • Senior and mid-level managers
  • Strategic leaders
  • Directors and executives
  • External and internal consultants
  • Planners and implementers of change

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of organization development fundamentals training, the attendees are able to:

  • Describe organization development and change management
  • Establish a change effort
  • Comprehend the skills necessary for effective change
  • Determine and resolve ethical problems associated with change
  • Understand the role pf OD practitioners, consultants, and professional
  • Apply the right models
  • Become familiar with the terminology associated with OD
  • Discuss the values-oriented fields

Course Outline

Overview of Organization Development (OD)

  • Definition of Organization Development
  • Who is an OD Professional?
  • Organization Development models
  • Background of OD
  • When/Why should you apply an OD?
  • Values-oriented field
  • The business case for OD
  • OD strengths and weaknesses
  • Significance of organizational configuration
  • Notions behind organizational culture and change management
  • Terminology

The Core of Organization Development

  • What is planned change
  • Intervention theory
  • Action techniques
    • Research
    • Learning and action science
  • Appreciative review
  • Positive organizational change philosophy
  • Models for change
  • Why transactions wont succeed?
  • The correspondence model of change

 The Organization Development Practitioner

  • Who do call the OD practitioner?
  • Capabilities of a successful OD practitioner
  • The professional OD practitioner
  • OD professionals responsibilities
  • Professional values
  • Professional ethics
  • Ethical strategies
  • Ethical scenarios

The Type of Planned Change

  • Philosophies of planned change
    • Lewin’s change model
    • Action research model
    • The positive model
    • Differences between various models of change
  • Universal model of planned change
    • Entering and constricting
    • Analyzing
    • How to Plan and establish change
    • How to analyze and organization change
  • Various forms of planned change
  • Scale of change
  • Grade of organization
  • Domestic vs. international sceneries
  • Review of planned change
  • Conceptualization of planned change
  • Application of planned change

 The Process of Organization Development

  • Train intelligent people the ways of effective learning
  • Facilitative procedure involvements
  • Large group involvements and dynamics
  • Comprehending the importance of position: a analytic model
  • Reconstructing complexity: A 4-D techniques to organizational analytics, development, and change

 Organization Development Consulting

  • Consulting procedure
  • Masterful consulting
  • Consulting stages and responsibilities
  • Faultless consulting
  • Contracting
  • The OD agreement
  • Facilitation
  • The organizer and other facilitative roles
  • Coaching and the right coach

 Organization Development Leadership

  • Options and issues
  • Reconstructing change:
    • Training
    • Realigning
    • Negotiating
    • Grieving
    • Moving
  • Guiding as the internal mentor
  • What establishes an efficient internal mentor?
  • Lead as the boss
    • How to cope with various patterns?
  • Leading the boss
    • Relations with bosses: the issues with
      “managing” a boss
  • Constructing provisions

 The Concentration Point of Organization Development

  • Strategy
    • Business strategy: developing the successful pattern
  • Designing organization
    • Matching strategy and configuration
  • Framework of work
    • Designing work
    • Framework and procedure for educating and self-assurance
  • Workstation planning
    • How to transform a work environment concept into reality
  • The culture
    • Analyzing your organization culture
  • Staff development
    • How can staff being efficient?
  • Team development
    • How can a team be efficient?
  • Leadership development
    • Creating a leader

 Objectives of Organization Development

  • Nurturing mission and engagement
  • Developing a group of leaders
  • Combining systems
    • Planning high-performance work systems
    • Organizing individuals, work, technology, and data 730
  • Applying diversity
    • Diversity as a guideline
  • Developing learning organizations
  • Developing gentle organizations
  • Sympathy in organizational life
  • Nurturing progress and development
  • Creating synchronized staff, team, and

Organization Development Roadmap

  • Modifying in the field
  • Practitioner viewpoint
    • Developing instructions
    • How about novel OD?
  • Scholarly viewpoint
    • The future of OD?
  • Modifying the outside environment
  • The digital revolution
  • Decomposing and rebuilding the organization
  • Globalization
  • How can universal learners, initiators, and leaders take actions?
  • Knowledge management
    • Information-Worker efficiency
  • Sustainability and the atmosphere
    • Strategies to reach to a sustainable globe
  • Organizational standards
  • The nourishing organization

 Case Study: Planned Change and Organization Development at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

From Thella Bowens’s viewpoint, the law mandated the San Diego Unified Port District (Port of San Diego) to transfer operation of San Diego’s international airport to the SDCRAA by January 2003.

  • Creating the transaction plan
  • Handling the legal and regulatory challenges
  • Implementing and analyzing
  • Grade of organization
  • Action steps
  • Conclusion

 Organizational Development Fundamentals Training

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