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Patent Law for Engineers Training

Patent Law for Engineers Training Course Description

Patent law for engineers training covers what you need to know about intellectual property law in the field of engineering. All engineers should be aware about patent law, the constitutionally based principal that refers to the process via which an invention is protected by the law from breach and unjust competition. Patent law for engineers training will cover patent applications, research, and prosecution, along with the law of breach and computer software and hardware applications, protected by copyright and hardware respectively. You will also learn about other aspects of patents and the ideas patented, as well as devices, processes, mixtures, production, materials, and methods of performing business and research. We will provide you with utility, design, and plant patents as well.

Patent Law for Engineers Training

While Patent law for engineers training concentrates mostly on patent law, it will also discuss copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secrets, and business techniques.  At the end, you will receive a review of the rights that creative and ingenious individuals have and the information you need to protect yourself and your ideas in regards to intellectual property.

Learn About:

  • Patent law
  • Inventorship fundamentals
  • Invention documentation
  • Types of patents
  • Patent searching
  • Patentability requirements
  • US patent application filing procedures
  • Patent application
  • How to read a patent
  • Patent application preparation
  • Patent prosecution

Patent law for engineers training is designed to deliver theoretical and practical training related to intellectual property law in the form of lectures, interactive presentations, templates, case studies, group activities, and hands-on workshops.


Patent law for engineers training is a 2-day course designed for all engineers, scientists, and managers who already have or are planning to present any forms of invention or idea that required copyright or patent attainment.

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of patent law for engineers training, the attendees are able to:

  • Describe various forms of patents and copyrights
  • Understand patents
  • Execute the early necessary steps to protect their invention/idea, Rights (IPR) including Patents (utility, plant, and design), Copyrights, Trade Marks, Trade Dress and Trade Secrets
  • Describe the business value and significance of association between innovation, Intellectual Property and business development
  • Identify what is and is not patentable and when a patent is not the best IP protection
  • Spot and use IP data
  • Describe the patent development process and the rights coming with a patent and right to use novel and prior art
  • Recognize content to include in a patent application
  • Interact with proper IP pros at the right time during the IP process
  • Successfully share their opinions to an IP professional
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of revelation and confidentiality agreements including employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements and liability concerns
  • Describe various types of patent
  • Read patents
  • Perform a patent search
  • Understand the freedom to operate
  • Understand the patentability criteria
  • File for a patent
  • Understand the principals of patent ownership
  • Describe the requirements for filing internationally

Course Outline

Overview of Patent Law for Engineers

  • Definition of patent
  • Fundamentals of Inventorship
  • Invention documentation
  • Various types of patents
  • Essential patent searching
  • Patentability criteria
  • Regulations of filing for US patent application
  • Patent application sections
  • How to read a patent
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent-owner has to prove
  • Accused infringer has to prove

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Patents
    • New and nonobvious device
    • Novel methods
  • Trademarks
    • Source identifiers
    • Brands
  • Copyrights
    • Software
  • Trade Secrets

 Who Decides Accountability and Compensations

  • Jury
  • Judge
  • Mediator/Arbitrator

From Filing to Prosecution, Timing and Costs

  • District Courts
  • ITC
  • Fees and expenses
  • Contingency Fees
  • Recovery of fees and expenses

Scope of Discovery

  • Documents and criteria, including e-documents
  • Depositions and statements
  • Third parties (e.g. customers, suppliers, vendors)
  • Confidentiality of discovery

U.S. Patent Laws

  • S. Constitution – Article I, Section 8
  • Federal Patent Laws – 35 USC § 101
  • Limited monopoly

US Patent Components

  • Cover sheet
  • Drawings
  • Specification
  • Claims

Claims Components

  • Legal rights of a patent owner
  • Claim categories
  • Claim interpretation
    • Plain meaning
    • Specification meanings
    • The file history meanings
    • The prior art meanings

The Value of a Patent

  • Copyright protection
  • Infringement lawsuit
  • Preservation of market share
  • Blocking of competitors
  • Marketing
  • Licensing/cross-licensing
  • Sign of inventive ability
  • Increase the value of company (buyout, investment)

Patent Rights and the Engineer Managers

  • Employment agreement
  • Inventing
  • Patent clearance for the new product or method
  • Patent filings and trials
  • Lawsuits
  • Licensing

TONEX Case Study Sample

Becky has just started working as the Director of Research for the Electrode Division for the company X, which produces plasma arc torches. She doesn’t have the experience of working for torch industry, but she holds a Ph.D. in material science and has worked in the plasma reactor/semiconductor industry for the last 5 years. At a conference exhibition, she sees that one of their new devices, which is in the process of patent application, is displayed by some other firms.

  • What kind of legal actions she needs to take?
  • What is the process of infringement claim?
  • What pre-caution actions she had to take to not the new product leaks out?
  • Create and develop a claim for this case


Patent Law for Engineers Training

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