Length: 2 Days
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Precision Time Protocol Training, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Precision Time Protocol Training, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a 2-day training course covers the details of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Real-time critical systems are used for time, phase and frequency synchronization within broadcast, fast trading finance, power, telecom and other industrial networks.

The flexible design of PTP systems, which enables them to solve sync problems within diverse applications and industries, means that they can be exceptionally complex.

Learning Objectives

  • Overview of PTP synchronized networks
  • Learn about PTP concepts, terminology, network architecture, and protocol messages
  • The key differences between a Master and a Slave PTP clock
  • Learn features of the default IEEE 1588 profile, including broadcast, power and telecom profiles

Course Topics

  • Overview of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • How does PTP protocol work?
  • NTP vs. PTP
  • A Two-Way Communication Protocol
  • IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol
  • Procedures to precisely synchronize distributed clocks to sub-microsecond resolution
  • Real-time applications with precise time-of-day (ToD) information
  • Time-stamped inputs
  • PTP on Ethernet or IP-based network
  • 1588 masters capable of supporting PTP, NTP and other timing protocols
  • 1588-optimized oscillators
  • OCXO, TXCO, and VCXO, and atomic clocks for holdover timing and enhanced clock stability in 1588-enabled network

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