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Length: 2 Days
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Social Media Marketing Management Training for Women

Social Media Marketing Management Training for Women Course Description

Social Media Marketing Management Training for Women introduces social media marketing using common online social media tools and software.

social media

social media

The significance of social media marketing for businesses and organizations is crystal clear these days. We all know that social media connect businesses and organizations with their customers globally. But how to manage and master in developing social media strategy to take the most out of it is yet to be learned. This is even a bigger challenge for female leaders who are in the race not as long as their male counterparts are. Like all other aspects and skills of leadership that women are picking up and learning fast, social media management also needs to be taken into consideration. This hands-on workshop is designed to provide an exclusive training on social media management, strategies, techniques, and skills for women to be able to blow away any competition.

For the professional women, who are new social media managers, executives, or supervisors, this training covers all they need to know in order to develop and implement social media management strategy and tactics. Social Media Marketing Management Training for Women hands-on seminar will update your professional skills for today’s digital job market.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing Management Training?

  • You need to employ social media marketing but don’t know where/how to begin
  • You are a businesswoman who doesn’t completely comprehend the leading social media tools and how they affect your business
  • You want to develop your relevant skills and help your organization to flourish
  • You want to stay up-to-date on the leading topics in business management.
  • You are willing to stop outsourcing your social media marketing to do a better job yourself
  • You want to achieve more effective results from your currently existing social media marketing

Learn About:

  • The rules of social media involvement and their disruptive impact
  • YouTube, SoundCloud, Blogger, Google Analytics, Flickr, Ustream & more
  • Social media strategy for empowering Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Best practices and real-world case studies
  • Tips and tricks from social media managers exclusively for women
  • How to control internet marketing and social media to get effective results
  • How to develop social media marketing strategies that win all the competition
  • How to amaze your clients with your proficiency and high-level experience
  • How to develop successful digital marketing campaigns businesses plan


Social Media Marketing Management Training for Women is a 2-day course designed for female leaders, managers, supervisors, business owners, and all other female professionals who are involved in developing or using social media tools in their job.

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of social media marketing management training for women, the attendees are able to:

  • Understand Facebook, Twitter, blogging and podcasting
  • Understand images, file sizes, how the web works and downloading files to a website
  • Apply auto responders to automatically answer emails
  • Create confirmation emails, upload a thank you page, download pages and create your first message
  • Comprehend associate marketing and different methods that can help enhance website traffic
  • Effectively communicate by writing and design using blogs and social media
  • Assess website and social media performance signs to analyze and enhance performance
  • Present how social media fundamentals can be used use to engage an audience
  • Design and implement a social media plan

Course Outline


  • Concepts of social media
  • Social media principals
  • Social media sectors
  • Housekeeping
  • Social Business
  • Realistic goals and objectives
  • Value proposition
  • The business case
  • Control vs. credibility
  • Engagement
  • For the Enterprise
  • Disruptive effects
  • Reputation impacts
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Social marketing
  • Challenges of social media management for women

Strategic Social Media Planning

  • Planning methods
  • Listening
  • Marketing strategies
  • Content
  • Publishing
  • Blogging
  • Sharing
    • Sharing sites
    • Pinterest
    • Video and YouTube marketing

Social Networks

  • Introduction to Facebook
  • Facebook pages
  • Groups, ads, and events
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Google+


  • Introduction to Twitter
  • How to use Twitter in your business

Social Media Tools and Measurements

  • Efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Tracking and measuring
  • Return on investment
  • Success tips

Internet Marketing

  • Foundations for mobile marketing
  • Content marketing
    • Identifying prospects
    • Content marketing strategy
    • Executing a content marketing strategy
    • Influencer marketing
    • E-newsletters
    • Social networks
    • Writing messages and creating content
    • Getting your message into the media
    • Measuring the results of content marketing
    • Blog marketing
    • Video marketing
    • Image marketing
    • Articles/press release marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Event marketing
    • B2B marketing
  • Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Keyword research
    • Design and architecture
    • Competitive analysis
    • On-page optimization
    • Link building
    • SEO for local search
    • SEO best practices
    • Algorithm updates
    • SEO tracking
    • SEO audits
    • SEO career path and SEO tools
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Web analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Integrating internet marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • Benefits of social media marketing for businesses
  • Social media marketing strategy for businesses
  • Social media tools that businesses can use
  • Conversion optimization
  • Pay Per Click

Introduction to Web Sites

  • Education, understanding, implementation
  • Images and file sizes
  • How to correctively resize images
  • How websites work
  • Downloading files for websites

Basics of Autoresponding and Ebooks

  • Adding web pages
  • What are autoresponders
  • Monetizing your web size
  • Ebook content
  • Creating ebooks

Hands-On Activities

  • Launch a Blog
  • Google Analytics
  • Measure RSS
  • Embed Photos
  • Embed PowerPoint
  • Custom Newsfeeds

Social Media Marketing Management Training

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