Length: 2 Days
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Space Systems Cyber Investigation Training by Tonex

Space Technology and Systems Specialist (STSS)™

Explore the intricate world of Space Systems Cyber Investigation through this comprehensive training by Tonex. Delve into the critical intersection of cybersecurity and space systems, gaining insights into the unique challenges and solutions associated with safeguarding space-based assets.

Tonex presents an advanced training, “Space Systems Cyber Investigation,” offering a profound exploration into the dynamic realm where cybersecurity intersects with space systems. This comprehensive course equips cybersecurity professionals, space industry experts, and government officials with the knowledge to safeguard space-based assets. Participants delve into the fundamentals, learning to assess and mitigate cyber risks specific to space technologies.

Legal and ethical considerations are addressed, and hands-on modules expose attendees to cutting-edge tools and technologies. With a focus on forensic analysis and incident response, this training empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of space systems cybersecurity, ensuring they emerge adept in protecting critical assets in this evolving domain.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of space systems and their susceptibility to cyber threats.
  • Develop expertise in space systems cyber investigation techniques and methodologies.
  • Learn to identify, assess, and mitigate cyber risks specific to space-based technologies.
  • Acquire knowledge of legal and ethical considerations in space systems cyber investigations.
  • Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and technologies used in the field.
  • Master the art of forensic analysis and incident response within the context of space systems.

Audience: This course is designed for cybersecurity professionals, space industry experts, government officials, and anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge of cyber threats in the context of space systems.

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Space Systems Cybersecurity

  • Overview of space systems
  • Types of space-based assets
  • Importance of cybersecurity in space domain
  • Threat landscape for space systems
  • Historical context of space-related cyber incidents
  • Case studies on space systems vulnerabilities

Module 2: Space Systems Cyber Investigation Fundamentals

  • Principles of cyber investigation in space
  • Data collection methods for space-based incidents
  • Analysis of cyber threats to space assets
  • Attribution challenges in space cybersecurity
  • Incident detection and reporting procedures
  • Collaboration and information sharing in space cyber investigations

Module 3: Risk Assessment in Space Cybersecurity

  • Methodologies for assessing cyber risks in space systems
  • Quantifying vulnerabilities in space-based technologies
  • Importance of risk management in space cybersecurity
  • Identifying critical assets and their vulnerabilities
  • Strategies for mitigating cyber risks in space
  • Security controls and best practices for space systems

Module 4: Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Applicable laws and regulations in space cybersecurity
  • International agreements governing space activities
  • Ethical considerations in space cyber investigations
  • Privacy issues in space systems cybersecurity
  • Legal frameworks for cross-border cyber incidents
  • Case studies on legal implications of space-related cyber activities

Module 5: Hands-On Tools and Technologies

  • Overview of advanced tools for space cyber investigations
  • Practical use of cybersecurity tools in a space context
  • Simulation exercises for hands-on experience
  • Threat intelligence platforms for space systems
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis tools
  • Emerging technologies in space systems cybersecurity

Module 6: Forensic Analysis and Incident Response in Space Systems

  • Techniques for forensic analysis in space cyber incidents
  • Incident response planning for space-based assets
  • Crisis communication strategies in space cybersecurity incidents
  • Post-incident reviews and lessons learned
  • Continual improvement of incident response capabilities
  • Best practices for maintaining cyber resilience in space systems


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