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Supply Support Logistics Course, SSLC Training Course

Supply Support Logistics Course provides an intensive training program designed to provide participants with an appreciation of the complexities and inter-relationships of efforts required to achieve and maintain supply support objectives for equipment/systems and alteration/modifications for Ships, Carriers, Submarines and Shore Sites.

Learn about:

  • Logistics & Supply Management
  • Acquisition Logistics Overview
  • Role of Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Performance-Based Agreement Toolkit and OSD Supply Chain Integration
  • Principles of logistics as a multi-functional, technical management discipline
  • Design, development, test, production, fielding, sustainment, and improvement modifications of DoD systems
  • System’s life-cycle costs
  • Operations and support costs
  • Support considerations and system’s design requirements
  • Support throughout its life-cycle
  • Product Support elements
  • Initial fielding and operational support of the system
  • Role of Program Manager (PM) and Product Support Manager (PSM)
  • Operating & Support (O&S) phase
  • Employing Performance-Based Life-Cycle Product Support
  • Sustainment Metrics
  • Materiel Availability, Supportability and readiness to the user

The main elements of Acquisition Based Logistics are covered including

  • Contractor Logistics Support
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
  • Life-Cycle Sustainment
  • Performance-Based Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Management
  • Standardization
  • Reliability
  • Data Management
  • Sustainment Metrics
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventory
  • Life-Cycle Signature Support Plan (LSSP)
  • Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP)
  • Product Support Strategy
  • Support Concept
  • Supportability

Learn about Defense Acquisition References including:

  • DoD Directive 5000.01 “Defense Acquisition System
  • MIL-Handbook 502 “DoD Handbook Acquisition Logistics
  • Product Support Managers Guidebook
  • DoD Logistics Assessment Guidebook
  • Integrated Product Support Element Guidebook
  • Naval Aviation Systems Team Acquisition Logistics Support Plan Guide
  • Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) Content Guide
  • Flexibility Sustainment Guide
  • Performance Based Logistics: A Program Manager’s Product Support Guide
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Guidebook
  • Performance-Based Agreement Toolkit
  • Introduction to Operational Availability
  • Air Force Life Cycle Logistics Workforce Guidebook
  • DoD Logistics Transformation Strategy “Achieving Knowledge-Enabled Logistics
  • DoD Directive 4140.1 “Supply Chain Management Policy
  • DoD 4140.1R “Supply Chain Materiel Management Regulation
  • OSD “A Guide to Increased Reliability and Reduced Logistics Footprint

Supply Support Logistics Course will help participants understand Navy and Department of Defense (DoD) supply support elements which include:

  • acquisition logistics;
  • maintenance planning;
  • provisioning;
  • alteration installation management;
  • equipment/ship configuration management;
  • ship/equipment alteration development;
  • allowance development;
  • General Fund (GF) and Capital Fund (CF) material asset management;
  • material handling/storage and material outfitting.

Supply Support Logistics Training will focus on Government Furnished Equipment/Systems (GFE) and their alterations / modifications and cover the above supply support elements for GFE equipment/systems and alteration/modifications being installed on Ships / Carriers / Submarines during new construction, Navy modernization periods, and pier side alteration installation team (AIT) installations. It will also include all shore based activity functions in obtaining supply support objectives and goals.
The course will cover policies, procedures, databases, and processes, which contribute to, or function within, the overall Product Support Management (PSM) of Carriers, Ships, Submarines, and Weapon Systems/Equipment in the Navy; and include:

  • design interface;
  • sustaining engineering;
  • supply support, maintenance planning and management;
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage, & Transportation (PHS&T);
  • technical data;
  • support equipment;
  • training and training support;
  • manpower and personnel;
  • facilities and infrastructure;
  • computer resources;
  • alteration installation management,
  • ship/equipment alteration development,
  • provisioning, equipment/ship configuration management;
  • allowance development;
  • and material outfitting process.

Additionally, training on Navy alteration installation management; ship/equipment alteration development; planning yard process; and the Navy Modernization Process Management and Operations manual will be covered.
The course will review policies, procedures, databases, and processes, which contribute to, or function within the overall supply support objectives of the Navy to include the goals and objectives for new equipment/system acquisitions; alteration/modifications; new ship construction; Navy modernization process and shore activity functions and policies for the Inventory Locator Service (ILS) certification goals for supply support for provisioning, equipment / ship configuration management; GF material asset management; and material outfitting process for Ships, Carriers and Submarines.

Other Topics covered:

  • DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures
  • DoD 4140.01
  • Operational Requirements
  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Materiel Sourcing
  • Make and Maintain Materiel
  • Delivery of Materiel
  • Materiel Returns, Retention, and Disposition
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Materiel Data Management and Exchange
  • Materiel Programs
  • Metrics and Inventory Stratification Reporting
  • Management of Critical Safety Items, Controlled Inventory Items Including Nuclear Weapons-Related Materiel
  • Management of Bulk Petroleum Products, Storage, and Distribution Facilities
  • Defense Integrated Materiel Management for Consumable Items
  • Shelf-Life Item Management Manual: Program Administration
  • Shelf-Life Item Management Manual: Materiel Quality Control Storage Standards
  • DoD 4140.65-M Compliance For Defense Packaging: Phytosanitary Requirements for Wood Packaging Material (WPM)
  • Integrated Materiel Management of Nonconsumable Items
  • Defense Materiel Disposition Manual
  •  Defense Demilitarization: Program Administration (Incorporates and cancels DoD 4160.21-M-1)
  • Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR)
  • DODM 5100.76 Physical Security of Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
  • DoD 5105.38-M Security Assistance Management Manual
  • DoD 5160.65-M Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA)
  • DoDM 5200.01 DoD 5200.01-R has been reissued as DoDM 5200.01
  • DoD 5200.02-R Personnel Security Program
  • DoD 5200.08-R Physical Security Program
  • DoD 7000.14-R Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (FMR)

Logistic Support for Government Furnished

  • GFAE: Government-Furnished Aeronautical Equipment
  • GFE: Government-Furnished Equipment
  • GFF: Government-Furnished Facilities
  • GFI: Government-Furnished Information
  • GFM: Government-Furnished Material
  • GFP: Government-Furnished Property
  • GFS: Government-Furnished Software


Government Civilian, Military, and Navy support contractor personnel, Department of Defense Contractors (Equipment / System Contractors, Shipbuilders and Ship Repair Contractors)


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