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Course Number: 10002
Length: 2 Days
College Credits: 13
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Systems Engineering Fundamentals Course – For Managers and Non-Technical Professionals, 13 PDH (Professional Development Hours) by PIE (Professional Institute of Engineering)

Systems Engineering Fundamentals is a 2-day courses covering the interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. Define the customer needs and required systems functionality early in the development cycle, document and validate requirements, then proceed with design synthesis and system validation while considering the complete problem. Learn what Systems Engineering is, why use Systems Engineering on your project and key Systems Engineering principles.

In order to apply systems engineering to your projects, it is important to define an  project and apply project management principles along with systems engineering.  Project means any project that in whole or in part funds the acquisition of technologies or systems of technologies that provide or significantly contribute to the provision of one or more  user services.

At the beginning of a complex projects, there may also be significant uncertainty in the project cost, performance, resources and schedule estimates. Systems engineering focuses on resolving uncertainty early in project development by establishing the project scope and defining good requirements by working with the project stakeholders. Requirements have be verified and validated. Incremental development strategies also help to mitigate the risk of unreliable estimates early in the project.

Successful projects needs involvements of all the project stakeholders including the customer, users, operators, installation and other who benefit in the project development. Systems engineering is a systematic process that includes reviews and decision points intended to provide visibility into the process and encourage stakeholder involvement. The systems engineering process includes stakeholders through all stages of the project, from initial needs definition through system verification and acceptance. The stakeholders who are involved in any particular step will vary, providing managers, operators, and technical personnel with an opportunity to contribute to the steps in the process where their input is needed.

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Systems Engineering Fundamentals Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
  • Introduction to Systems Engineering Principles
  • Concepts of Systems Thinking
  • Systems Engineering (SE) Areas
  • System Analysis and Design
  • System and Product Realization
  • Technical Management
  • Introduction to Systems Engineering Management
  • Systems Engineering Process Overview
  • Introduction of V-Diagram Model
  • Requirements Analysis Process
  • Functional Analysis and Allocation of Requirements
  • Systems Requirements
  • Design Synthesis
  • Verification and Validation
  • Systems Engineering Process Outputs
  • Integration of Project Management and Systems Engineering
  • Project Conceptualization
  • Resource Management
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Closeout
  • Program Control and Evaluation
  • Human Capital Management
  • Security and Safety
  • Professional and Leadership Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Configuration Management
  • Technical Reviews
  • Audits
  • Trade Studies
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Risk Management
  • Systems Engineering Planning
  • Product Improvement Strategies
  • Organizing and Integrating System Development
  • Contractual Considerations
  • Management Considerations

In Full compliance with NYS Mandatory Continuing Education requirements for Professional Engineers by PIE (Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc. )

Program Submittal Number – PS 002580 Systems Engineering Level 1 Training has been evaluated by Lawrence J. O’Connor, P.E., L.S. and has been approved for 13 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

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Who Should Attend

Project Managers, Product Managers, Program Managers and Non-technical Professionals

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