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Length: 2 Days
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Understand how to select, integrate, and configure T1 and T3 services. Explore tariffs and service options before making a purchase decision, and learn about frame formats and how data is transmitted over T1/T3. Understand the marketplace and vendor choices. Master the fundamentals of T1, T3, and SONET.

Who Should Attend

This course is useful for network engineers and managers who have responsibility in the following functional areas: network design, network management, network operations, network engineering and information systems. Internet providers and managers in enterprise organizations who have telecommunications or network responsibility can benefit.


Understand fractional T1 applications, implementation and operation and evaluate T1 voice and data interface options, applications and performance criteria.


Executive Overview

  • Key technical features
  • Market Motivation
  • Business Applications
  • Vendors
  • Interoperability, scalability, and future proof
  • Benefits
  • T1 Networking
  • The Development of the T-Carrier System
  • T1 Fundamentals
  • Digital Networking Standards
  • Extended Superframe Format
  • T1 Equipment
  • T1 Applications
  • T3 Networking
  • T3 Fundamentals
  • T3 Formats, Standards, and Protocols
  • T1 and T3 Equipment
  • T3 Applications
  • Media Use for T1 andt T3
  • The basics of digital carrier systems
  • Timing and synchronization in digital networks
  • Payload mapping and management
  • Topologies and configurations, including add-drop and cross-connect
  • Operations, administration and maintenance of digital networks

Applying analog and digital techniques

  • Bandwidth, loss, frequency response
  • Sync and async transmission

T1/T3 Introduction

  • Origins of T1
  • What Is Fractional T1?
  • What Is T3?
  • Benefits of Digital Carriers
  • Digital Signal Hierarchy (DS0–DS4)
  • E Carrier Comparison to T Carrier
  • Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Technical References and Standards
  • Transmission Fundamentals
  • T1 Channel Banks
  • T1 DSU/CSUs
  • 56/64Kbps
  • DSU/CSUs
  • Multiplexers
  • Voice/data DSUs

T1/T3/E3 Components

  • DS1 and DS3 Characteristics
  • Digital Carrier Signal Coding Options
  • Signal Levels and Standards
  • Channel Service Units (CSU)
  • Data Service Units (DSU)
  • Combined CSUs/DSUs
  • T1 Multiplexers
  • T1 Multiplexer Functions
  • Technical Aspects of T1 Multiplexers
  • Multiplexer Types, Commercial Products
  • Equipment Trends
  • Corporate Backbone Network Switches and Fast Packet Switching Technology
  • Multiplexers (MUX)
  • Channel Banks
  • B7Sub/B8Sub
  • Zero Code Suppression (ZCS)
  • AMI
  • B8ZS
  • HDB3/B3ZS
  • Digital Carrier Framing Options
  • D1/D1D/D2/D3/D4â€â€Â

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