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Technical Writing For Non Native Speakers of English

The Technical Writing For Non Native Speakers Of English Training Course Description

The technical writing for non native speakers of English training course is designed to help non-native speakers write science research papers, proposals, engineering documents, economics articles, etc. in English in a way which is understandable, interesting, and persuasive. However, this course certainly could also be used as a guide for native English speakers who would like to improve their technical writing skills.

As a professional, you can never depend on English speakers to write up your work or translate your writing, as their writing or translation may not represent exactly what you intended. Also, if you rely on proofreaders to edit your writing, it is very likely that they miss some mistakes and errors, as a sentence which is grammatically correct can still be ‘wrong’ if it does not carry the exact message. The technical writing for non-native speakers of English training course enables to gain sufficient information and learn enough techniques to be able to reflect the value of your work and convey your message in your writing.

Because technical writing usually follows conventional styles and requires limited vocabularies, most of which you are already familiar with through your work, it is much simpler and quicker to learn compared to non-technical writing. In the technical writing for non-native speakers of English training course, we teach you the common structures, grammars, and vocabulary used in technical writing.


The technical writing for non-native speakers of English training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Non-native English speakers who study or work in the science, engineering, or any other field in which writing play a critical role.
  • Science and engineering students who need to write a Master’s thesis or a PhD dissertation.
  • English native speakers who would like to improve their technical writing.

Training Objectives

Upon the completion of the technical writing for non-native speakers of English training course, the attendees are able to:

  • Discover the conventional structure, grammar, and vocabulary in technical writing in your field
  • Write in a similar way and at a similar level as the articles and other material you read in your field
  • Write understandably, interesting, and persuasive
  • Present your results and work at international levels
  • Write independently
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Write good resumes and job letters
  • Proofread and edit your own and others’ writing
  • Write proper and effective reports
  • Write interesting proposals

Training Outline

The technical writing for non-native speakers of English training course consists of the following lessons, which can be revised and tailored to the client’s need:

 Overview Of Technical Writing

  • Introduction
  • Why study technical and professional communication?

General Strategies for the Writing Process

  • Generating ideas
  • Identifying audiences and purposes
  • Constructing arguments
  • Stating problems
  • Drafting and word processing
  • Testing and revising

 Visual Elements

  • Selecting visual elements
  • Creating visual elements

 Specific Applications

  • Resumes and job letters
  • The business letters
  • Basic features of reports
  • Memos, short informal reports, and progress reports
  • Feasibility reports
  • Long reports
  • Proposals
  • Instructions, procedures, and computer documentation
  • Theses and journal articles
  • Oral presentations
  • Meetings and negotiation


  • Readability: general principles
  • Writing paragraphs
  • Using parallelism
  • Maintaining focus
  • Creating flow between sentences
  • Editing for emphasis
  • Choosing appropriate words
  • Proofreading

Review of the Grammar, Style, and Vocabulary Building

  • Indefinite articles
  • The definite article
  • Verbs
  • Modal verbs
  • Relative clauses
  • Connectives
  • Noun compounds
  • Vocabulary building
  • Informal conversational expressions
  • Pronunciation

Science Research Writing (OPTIONAL)

  • Writing introduction
  • Describing methodology
  • Explaining results
  • Writing the discussion/conclusion
  • Writing the abstract

Technical Writing For Non-Native Speakers of English

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