Length: 5 Days
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Telecom B2B Pricing, Cost and Financial Analysis

Telecom Pricing, Cost and Financial Analysis Training Covers Telecom B2B pricing, cost, and financial analysis. Learn the key concepts of practical telecom pricing, cost, financial analysis, and management.

Participants will learn to perform telecom B2B price analysis and cost analysis and financial modeling to determine price reasonableness in accordance with their authorities. This course is designed for personnel involved in establishing or modifying the price or cost of traditional and modern telecom B2B services and products.

Telecom B2B Pricing, Cost and Financial Analysis Training course delves deep into telecom B2B financial analysis and modeling. The participants will learn how to perform accurate financial analysis, how to use telecom financial indicators and benchmarks to allocate resources and evaluate potential B2B for maximum ROI (return-on-investment).

Learning Objectives

  • Fulfill the gap in pricing capability to align with business model,
  • business shifting and pricing variation
  • Create B2B pricing talent to support corporate business transformation
  • Lift up revenue from B2B solution based on personalize price to each
  • customer/client


  • Technical Knowledge
    • Technical Skill
  • Product/Service Knowledge
    • Business Modeling
    • Financial Modeling
    • Pricing Model
    • Data and Statistical Analytic
    • Strategic Partnership Management
    • Negotiation

In Class Training (5 days half-day) 8:30- 13:00

Day 1: Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Telecom Cost and Pricing
  • B2C vs. B2B Cost Modeling and Pricing
  • Introduction to Cost or Managerial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Telecom Financial Analysis
  • Introduction to Telecom Cost Analysis
  • Applying Price-Related Factors to Telecom B2B Products and Services
  • Advanced Techniques for Telecom Budgeting, Cost and Price Analysis
  • Advanced Telecom Cost Modeling, Pricing and Financial Analysis – Methodologies
  • Activity based costing/management (ABC/ABM)
  • Big data, statistics, analytics, AI/ML and forecasting technique

Day 2: Telecom B2B Pricing Strategies

  • Value Based B2B Pricing
  • Determining Prices Based on Economic Value
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Using the Economic Value
  • Data to drive better B2B pricing decisions
  • Measuring Customer Perception of Product Value using monadic surveys
  • The Role of B2B Price Elasticity in improving pricing
  • Effect of price elasticity on sales revenue and profit.

Day 3:  Overview of Telecom B2B Pricing Technologies (Part 1)

  • AI Data Visualization
  • Analytical Services for B2B Sales
  • Analytics Technology
  • Assessing pricing strategy based on the attractiveness of the market (size, price level, etc.) and competitive strength (product portfolio, service level, etc.), differentiating by region, industry, and product and service
  • B2B Big Data Mining
  • B2B Cost and ROI Calculation
  • B2B Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Analytics
  • B2B Digital opportunities, such as analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Day 4:  Overview of Telecom B2B Pricing Technologies (Part 2)

  • B2B Pricing Analytics
  • B2B Pricing Analytics
  • B2B pricing and corporate strategy
  • B2B Pricing and Cost Modeling Framework
  • B2B Pricing Reporting & KPI
  • B2B Pricing Scoring
  • B2B Pricing, Cost Reporting & KPI
  • Business Modeling
  • Data Security
  • Effective use of data and B2B pricing

Day 5:  Overview of Dynamic Pricing (Charles Alexi)

  • Examine using historical data to price effectively
  • Implications of Customer Segmentation and Product Differentiation for Pricing
  • B2B market segmentation impact on product’s pricing
  • Creating a B2B Pricing Strategy: Consolidating Various Pricing Techniques
  • Use the toolkits provided to develop effective pricing strategies across a range of products.

Case Studies: Business Simulation and Capstone Project

B2B Pricing, Cost and Financial Analysis – Capstone Project

Use Cases

  • Participants will work on different business cases related to their organizations
  • Introduction of business cases
  • New service model
  • Creating cost and pricing objectives
  • Creating pricing strategies
  • Pricing and cost Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Optimization of costs (CAPEX vs. OPEX)
  • Price positioning and negotiation
  • Pricing regulations
  • B2B Pricing, Cost and Analysis for solutions based on Technology Update and B2B’s Pillar for Large Enterprise and SME (Connectivity, SD WAN, 5G, Private LTE, Edge Computing, IoT, Anthonomus and Industrial Control, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Analytics, AI/ML, etc.)
  • Digital Platform and Digital Service Use Case: Business model and pricing strategies for B2B procurement market place

Showcase Project – Manager to Staff Leve Participants

Showcasing Capstone Project

  • Final presentation of the cost and pricing analysis for each business case.







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