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This course provides a typology that maps social goals concerning marketplace activities to the regulatory interventions, if any, necessary to accomplish those goals, focusing on universal service policies. There is general agreement that, at a minimum, the fundamental goal of universal service in the United States is access for all Americans to basic analog voice-grade service at affordable rates.

Who Should Attend

Managers and team members in cross-functional organizations, who need basic overview of telecom deregulation.


  • Global telecom markets - Exploring new opportunities
  • Recognize the importance of telecom deregulation in different part of the world
  • How do service providers compete? What are the factors?
  • Liberating the Internet
  • Overview of Telecommunications Act of 1996
  • Understand the role and globalization in the telecom domain
  • Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) in telecom
  • and more


Executive summary

  • Social goals underlying universal service and related economic problems
  • Social goals of universal service and corresponding regulatory mechanisms
  • Unilateral versus bilateral rule typology
  • The current situation
  • Analysis and conclusions
  • Issues associated with the threat of a regulatory taking
  • Summary of prohibited government interventions
  • Constitutional limits on government action absent preexisting conditions
  • Constitutional limits on government actions due to preexisting conditions

A conceptual framework for managing a transition to a more competitive industry: an economic analysis

  • Need for compatibility between policy goals and regulatory interventions
  • Principles for ensuring compatibility of regulatory interventions with policy goals
  • Unilateral and bilateral rules
  • Competition and choices among rules
  • Implications for meeting universal service goals through competition
  • Managing the transition to a more competitive industry

A conceptual framework for permissible economic regulation

  • a legal analysis
  • takings and due process clauses
  • General application
  • Application to public utilities
  • Equal protection clause
  • General application
  • Application to public utilities
  • Supremacy clause
  • General application
  • Application to public utilities
  • Contract clause
  • Ex post facto laws
  • Effects of multiple constitutional provisions

Comparison of economic and legal analyses

  • Liberalization Objectives
  • Liberalization Process of Telecom Industry
  • Fixed Telecommunication Network Services Market
  • Wireless Market
  • Satellite-based Market
  • Cable-based market
  • International Services
  • Broadband Market
  • Cellular Services
  • Key Players in Deregulated Market
  • A Snapshot Evaluation of Liberalization Policies
  • Impact on Network Diversity
  • Impact on Market Churn/Choice of operators
  • Impact on Service Offerings and Pricing
  • Impact on Consumers

Key Players in Deregulated Market

  • The Operators Profile
  • The Strong Players' Profiles
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Australia
  • Africa

Assessment of Deregulation Effects

  • A Snapshot Evaluation of Liberalization and Deregulation Policies
  • Impact on Network Diversity
  • Impact on Market Churn/Choice of operators
  • Impact on Service Offerings and Pricing
  • Impact on Consumers
  • SWOT Analysis of new entrants
  • Are the objectives of deregulation being met?

Telecommunications Act of 1996

  • The first major overhaul of telecommunications law in almost 62 years
  • Change in communications business
  • The Federal Communications Commission has a tremendous role
  • The U.S. Telecommunications Industry
  • The Local Telephone Industry
  • The Yellow Pages Industry
  • The Relationship Between Local Telcos and Yellow Pages
  • The Divestiture of AT&T
  • Effects of Divestiture on Yellow Pages
  • Telecommunications Industry Deregulation Today
  • Local Phone Competition
  • Potential Impact on Yellow Pages
  • Telecom Deregulation and Yellow Pages

State Regulations

  • Overview
  • Leading Telephone Companies
  • Local Telephone Companies
  • The Regulatory Environment
  • Potential Effects of State Regulations Current State Regulations

Local Phone Competition

  • Overview
  • The Local Phone Market
  • Profiles of Local Exchange Carriers
  • Status of Local Phone Competition

Long Distance Phone Competition

  • Overview
  • The Long Distance Phone Market
  • Profiles of Long Distance Carriers (IXCs)
  • Status of Long Distance Competition

Federal Legislation

  • Overview
  • Local Competition
  • Listings
  • Electronic Publishing

Internet Liberalization

  • Improving the Internet Protection Act.
  • Exempt the Internet from the FCC's universal service proposals
  • Narrowly define encryption regulation
  • Reverse the burden of proof
  • Post Deregulation of Telecom Market
  • Current Cable & Wireless Telecom's market share
  • Competitive advantages and strategies for the new Digital Age
  • The significance of these players in the future

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